What factors increase the risk of a bus accident?

An assessment conducted by the Department of Transport at the Technical University of Denmark considered risk factors associated with bus accident severity in the United States. The following reviews the conclusions of that study.

Age of Bus Drivers

The age of bus drivers was one risk factor that increased the likelihood of a bus accident. The most at-risk age groups were bus drivers under the age of 25, as well as bus drivers over the age of 55, and most prominently for bus drivers over the age of 65.

According to the report, drivers over 65 years of age do the following.

  • Increase the risk of light injuries by 17.5 percent
  • Increase risk of severe injuries by 29.4 percent
  • Increase risk of severe and incapacitating injuries by 44.1 percent

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Driving Too Fast or Too Slow

Another action that greatly increased the risk of an accident was a bus traveling at an extremely high speed (over 65 miles per hour) or a very low speed (under 20 miles per hour). Analysts concluded that speeding had a very extreme effect on severity of injury, increasing the probability of light injuries by 75.1 percent, and increasing the risk of incapacitating injuries by 27.3 percent.

Similarly, very low speed limits also had an effect on likelihood of crash and severity of injury. Speed limits of fewer than 20 miles per hour increased probability of light injuries by 62.7 percent, and fatalities by 19.8 percent. The researchers stated that the increase may represent an inconsistency with posted speed limits and the actual speed traveled by vehicles on local roads.

Driving Through Intersection

Driving through an intersection was another factor that increased the risk of an accident. While the fatality risk at intersections remained relatively low, higher injury severity was induced at intersections. In fact, the probability of fatalities was actually reduced by 0.8 percent, although the risk of incapacitating injuries was increased by 8.4 percent.

Filing a Claim after a Bus Accident

If you intent to file a claim against a publically-owned bus system after an accident, such as SEPTA, you’ll need file notice of your claim within six months’ time. If filing a claim against a private bus company, the statute of limitations is increased to two years.

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