What is an EOBR Device?

An electronic onboard recorder (EOBR) device is a system that automatically logs data related to the commercial truck. Similar to a logbook, this device can help determine the cause of a truck crash when pursuing an accident injury claim. A Bensalem, Pennsylvania truck accident attorney may be able to obtain access to the data and use it as evidence.                                                                                               

Data Required in an EOBR Device

Certain info should be provided by the EOBR device that victims can use for accident injury claims:

  • dates and times;
  • number of miles driven;
  • carrier information;
  • other basic information;
  • truck speed; and
  • braking information.

Dates and times show that day’s total number of hours on duty (with and without driving) and total number of hours the trucker actually drove. However, the device must also show the total hours on duty for the period of seven consecutive days and the period for the previous eight consecutive days.

Additionally, duty status must be recorded. An example would be stopping to use the sleeper berth and then resuming driving, or performing on-duty tasks other than driving and going off-duty.

A Bensalem, Pennsylvania truck accident attorney can help injured victims evaluate any information from the EOBR as it pertains to an accident claim.

How Data on an EOBR Device Could Be Helpful to a Claim

With this information, a lot could be learned about an accident that a Bensalem, Pennsylvania truck accident attorney may use when pursuing a claim. Consider the dates and times which show duty status.

Truck drivers are allowed by federal law to operate a semi for no more than a limited number of hours. The reason is to reduce the number of accidents caused by fatigue. When these hours are violated, it would show on the device.

Not only is this is a clear violation of federal regulations, but it could be a contributing factor to an accident. It may show that the truck driver had traveled so long that he or she was incompetently operating the truck. Or if there was evidence the truck had suddenly swerved right before the accident, it may indicate the driver was falling asleep at the wheel.

The miles driven might indicate the likelihood of aggressive driving. For instance, if it shows a significant number of miles were covered in a relatively short timeframe, this may substantiate claims that the driver was driving recklessly by speeding.

Additionally, looking at other information the EOBR device may provide such as the driver’s speed could also show that the truck driver was going over the limit or otherwise driving carelessly. This could be considered a contributing cause to a crash and indicate driver liability in an accident injury claim.

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