What to Include in a Car Emergency Kit

There are many ways to get stranded on the road. These incidents can be particularly dangerous in extreme weather conditions. The driver can suffer from dehydration or hypothermia, for example. Accidents, dead batteries, running out of gas, flat tires and other mechanical problems may cause a vehicle to become stranded.

Packing and keeping a car emergency kit in the vehicle at all times can be invaluable should the driver break down or become stranded. It can keep the driver and any passengers safe until help arrives or may even allow the driver to remedy the problem to get the car back on the road.

What to Bring in a Car Emergency Kit

An emergency kit can carry a variety of items. Some include the following:

  • Food: Energy bars, mini candies, raisins, granola, trail mix, bottles of water, sports drinks and V-8 juice are good food items to carry. The idea is to have small food that packs enough calories to survive.
  • Tools: Jumper cables, multi-purpose pocket knives, wrenches, screwdrivers, duct tape, tire chains, and small or folding shovels are good to pack in the kit. These can help you solve small repairs or get your car unstuck from a snow bank, for example.
  • Emergency signals and illumination: You might also pack flashlights, radios, flares, triangle reflectors and neon glow sticks. These can illuminate you and your vehicle, provide light to work, and help you signal others for help.
  • Clothing: Warm blankets, hats, gloves and bandanas all can help you stay warm and handle repair challenges when stranded.
  • Sanitary supplies: Toilet paper, plastic bags, first-aid kits, sunblock, hand sanitizer, baby wipes and sanitary wipes can help as well.
  • Entertainment: Packing playing cards, small games, crosswords, books or comics, and puzzles could keep you or your kids busy if you’re waiting for help to arrive.


Pack these items in a container in the truck or back of the vehicle. You may think of other items that could benefit you in the event of an accident, depending on your personal circumstances. You might include diapers and other baby-related items if you have small children, for example. Or you may pack medication (ask your doctor or pharmacist about storing the medicine in your vehicle) if you take it; you may require it if you are stranded for an extended period of time.

Also, prepare your vehicle each winter for driving. In addition to snow tires, this might include adding some cold-weather items to your kit.

Get Help after a Car Accident

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