Will New State Ban Keep You Safe from a Bucks County Distracted Driving Accident?

A new statewide ban took effect this month in Pennsylvania which prohibits you from texting while driving. The ban, which took effect on March 8, 2012, can ultimately help keep you from being injured in a Bucks County districted driving accident.

Distracted driving is deadly

According to Marianne Warner, regional safety spokesperson for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, sixty-six people lost their lives in 2010 in Pennsylvania involving distracted drivers. The ban is designed to help keep drivers’ eyes and attention on the road.

About the ban

The new ban permits law enforcement:

  • To pull you over for texting and driving alone
  • To issue you a $50 fine
  • To ticket you for this offense alone

Other drivers

The Pennsylvania roadways offer enough dangers as it is. Distracted driving only increases these risks. Unfortunately, you have no control over the driving habits of those you share to roadways with. An experienced Bucks County distracted driving accident attorney can help you hold them liable.

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