Dangerous Products And Drugs Lawyer in Bristol

You are a trusting person. When you buy a new product, you trust that the manufacturer did its part to ensure it was safe to use. When your doctor prescribed you a new medication, you trusted that the drug was safe to put into your body. However, some products and drugs bought and used on a daily basis have dangerous side effects that can cause you significant harm.

If you were seriously hurt by a dangerous drug or product, I can help you get a settlement from the company that put your health in harm’s way.

Get Your Life Back After a Dangerous Drug or Product Left it in Shambles!

Although no amount of money will ever give you your health back, it can bring closure and peace to a stressful situation. With the money from your settlement, you can pay back your medical bills and get the treatment you need.

I work closely with people in your situation to file mass tort claims against companies. These claims are filed based on the assertion that a business produced, sold, and distributed dangerous drugs or products intentionally, knowingly, and negligently. Instead of your paying for the entire cost of the case on your own, I help you find the right path toward single-party litigation. This saves you time, hassle, and a lot of money while still giving you the results you need.

Here are a few types of dangerous drug and product cases in Philadelphia that I can help you with:

  • Dangerous drugs. Taking a bad drug can lead to serious—and sometimes catastrophic—injuries. What was supposed to help you had the opposite impact, making an already bad situation even worse. Manufacturers of pharmaceuticals must be held liable when their drugs cause people more harm than good. I work with families to help navigate the difficult process of finding how the company allowed injuries from its drugs to happen and getting the maximum compensation available.
  • Dangerous medical devices. Medical devices are used to help you heal from an injury, not cause further damage to your body. If the manufacturer of the defective medical device released the product knowing that it could cause serious injury, or if it failed to warn the public of the defects, you could receive compensation. I know how to help you investigate these types of cases and fight on your behalf so that you are not left to live a life in pain due to a large corporation’s ignorance.
  • Dangerous consumer products. The items you use on a daily basis in your home, around your kids, or in your life should be free from any dangerous safety risks. If a product is not properly tested and is sold to the public under the veil of its being safe to use, you could get seriously hurt. Injuries from dangerous products can destroy your life. I’ll help you fight back by gathering resources to show how the dangerous product caused you injury and getting the company to pay you what you deserve.

These types of cases are complicated, and often involve a lengthy process of investigating and gathering evidence. With my help, you get experience and resources on your side to make sure you come out on top!

Don’t Try to Fight This Alone!

Dangerous drug and product cases in Pennsylvania are complex. They require extensive time and resources to prove who was at fault, how the dangerous drug or product impacted your life, and more. I will ease that burden and fight on your behalf to get you results in your case!

Don’t let the people who caused you so much pain get away with it! Call me today to find out if you are eligible to receive compensation after a dangerous drug or product turned your life upside down.