Bar Fights Lawyer in Bucks County

NJ and PA Personal Injury Attorneys: Bar Fights

Patrons of Philadelphia and Trenton, NJ bars and night clubs are frequently injured due to bar fights or by abusive bouncers or security personnel. Many nightclubs in Philadelphia are sued every year for injuries occurring on their premises. There are many different legal issues that arise in a bar fight injury case If you are injured in a PA or NJ bar fight, it is important that you find a personal injury lawyer experienced in bar fights and negligent security.

Bar fights do cause serious injuries. An experienced personal injury attorney will perform a detailed investigation to determine who was at fault.

When a bar or nightclub opens for business, the bar owners have a legal duty to provide a safe environment for their patrons. Bartenders and alcohol servers must follow state liquor laws and make sure that they do not serve alcohol to a visibly intoxicated person. In addition, bars and nightclubs in Philadelphia, Bucks County, and New Jersey have to hire, train, and supervise security personnel, otherwise known as bouncers. Bouncers have to act in compliance with liquor control laws, and all other laws and standards, since they do not have the same legal authority as police officers.

When a fight in a bar occurs, the bar security or bouncers must safely intervene and separate the people fighting. The bouncers must then diffuse the situation in a safe manner. If the bouncers do not quickly respond to safely break up the fight and a bar patron is personally injured, the bar and the bouncers should be held responsible for the injuries for their failure to maintain safety at the bar or club. If the bouncers or security personnel exceed their legal authority and abuse or mishandle the situation causing a patron to be injured, the bar or nightclub and the bouncers should be held responsible for the personal injuries.

All incidents involving personal injuries in a liquor serving establishment in Pennsylvania or New Jersey should be documented. If a bar or nightclub patron is injured due to the negligence of the bar, bouncers, or other employees, the bar’s liability insurance policy may provide coverage for a personal injury claim. If the bouncers are found to assault a bar patron, often times the bar’s insurance company will not provide insurance coverage for the incident. If the bartenders serve a visibly intoxicated person, and that person leaves the bar and injures or kills someone, the Philadelphia bar or nightclub may be held responsible for the personal injuries or wrongful death.

An experienced Pennsylvania or New Jersey personal injury lawyer should be retained in any bar fight or alcohol related injury case. Contact us for experienced and aggressive legal representation if you have been injured in a bar fight, Philadelphia nightclub fight, or have been injured or abused by a bar’s bouncers or security personnel. We have the experience that will make a difference in your case. Contact us for a free consultation before valuable evidence is lost.