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A bus crash often produces worse injuries and greater damages than a regular car accident. Most buses lack basic safety features, such as seatbelts and airbags. Plus, in a bus, you have dozens of people crammed together in close quarters, which can result in disaster in the event of a wreck. Not to mention, buses are bigger and more powerful than most vehicles, making them capable of causing greater destruction.

If you suffered injuries or property damage in a bus accident, you deserve compensation from the responsible parties. A bus accident lawyer in Bucks County can help you get the money you deserve.

At Cordisco & Saile LLC, our firm focuses on bus crash cases. These cases have many nuances that differ from other vehicle accidents, making it important that you choose an attorney who understands how to pursue these specific claims. When a vehicle accident involves a bus, different laws come into play and there are more potentially liable parties than in a regular car accident.

We can investigate your accident, determine the laws that apply, identify all responsible parties, gather evidence proving liability, and aggressively negotiate with the at-fault parties and their insurers for full compensation.

Our attorneys do not get paid until we recover compensation for you. You pay us for results, not by the hour or for our time. The initial consultation and claim review are always free. We want to meet you, answer all of your questions, and help you put together a plan to get your life back to normal. To schedule your first appointment today, call our office at 215-642-2335.

Why Hire a Bucks County Bus Accident Lawyer?

Our attorneys know how to parse the unique complexities of the laws that pertain to bus crashes. For instance, compared to a regular car accident, the number of potentially responsible parties in a bus accident is much greater. Some of the parties who may bear liability for your injuries include:

  • The bus driver;
  • The driver of another vehicle involved in the crash;
  • The manufacturer of one of the vehicles or one of its components;
  • The bus company; and
  • A state government or local municipality.

Our attorneys start with a thorough investigation of your crash. We identify every responsible party and gather evidence proving their liability. Then we use that evidence to pursue full compensation from those parties and their insurers.

Without a strong negotiator working on your behalf, the settlement you receive could fall short of the full amount you deserve. Insurance companies often try to find ways to pay out less in claims. Our attorneys use aggressive negotiation tactics to force insurers to pay full compensation.

Who Is Responsible for My Damages?

The party responsible for your bus crash matters a great deal. If your bus driver caused the crash while you were riding a privately owned bus, such as a Greyhound, we will likely seek compensation from the driver’s employer, not the driver. Under the legal doctrine of vicarious liability, employers are responsible for the actions employees take while they are working. If bus driver behaves in a reckless way and causes a crash, the bus company is responsible for the resulting damages.

If your crash occurred while you were riding a Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) bus, however, the claims process can become more complex. Many entities under city, county, or state ownership enjoy legal protection under sovereign immunity rules. Before you can file a claim against a government agency, you must follow specific steps and meet strict deadlines. If your wreck involved a state-owned SEPTA bus, call us immediately so we can get started on your claim.   

We Can File Several Types of Bus Accident Claims.

Depending on the cause of your bus accident and who was responsible, we might file one or more of several types of claims.


For a negligence claim to succeed, we must prove four things:

  • The responsible party had a duty of care to you;
  • They failed to uphold their duty of care;
  • Their failure caused your bus crash; and
  • As a result, you suffered injuries or property damage.

When drivers take the wheel, they automatically assume a duty of care to other drivers. This duty includes following all traffic laws, driving defensively, and looking out for others on the road.

Whether the responsible party was the bus driver—and their employer—or the driver of another vehicle, we gather evidence showing they failed in their duty of care. Some common ways drivers violate their duty of care include:

  • Breakingtraffic laws, such as speeding or failing to yield;
  • Texting or talking on the phone; and
  • Drivingunder the influence of alcohol or drugs.

We also use evidence from the scene of the crash, as well as your medical records, to definitively connect the accident to your damages.

Product Liability

In a product liability claim, we allege that a defective product caused your injuries. We can win compensation from the manufacturer of a product, such as a vehicle or one of its components, if a flaw or malfunction caused your crash.

We do not have to prove that the manufacturer exhibited negligence in making or selling the product. As long as you were using it for its intended purpose and did not alter it, we can pursue damages.

Potentially responsible parties in a product liability claim include:

  • The bus manufacturer;
  • The manufacturer of a bus component that malfunctioned, such as a faulty tire; and
  • The manufacturer or another vehicle or one of its components.

Wrongful Death

We can pursue a wrongful death claim if your loved one lost their life as a result of their injuries.

How Much Is My Bus Accident Claim Worth?

When we investigate your accident, we can determine the value of your claim. It could include some or all of the following damages:

  • Medical bills, including both current and anticipated future costs;
  • Lost wages;
  • Reduced earning capacity;
  • Pain and suffering; and
  • Punitive damages.

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