Construction Accidents Lawyer in Bucks County

NJ and PA Personal Injury Attorneys: Construction Accidents

“Construction accident” is a broad term that usually refers to injuries occurring at residential construction sites, commercial construction sites, industrial construction sites, and even roadway construction sites. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 4.6 million Americans are seriously injured on the job each year. Many of these injuries are due to construction accidents.

Pennsylvania and New Jersey construction accidents resulting in personal injuries occur daily. Accidents are often caused by negligence on the part of employers who do not provide a safe work environment or fail to maintain equipment. Construction accidents are also precipitated by careless employees who do not follow proper safety rules on the job. Accidents such as falling from a roof, scaffolding, ladder, or through a floor, being struck by a big piece of construction equipment, being punctured by a nail gun, or being exposed to hazardous gases and/or chemicals can all produce serious injuries with long and painful recovery times.

There are many rules and regulations regarding construction accidents.

Do your homework and find a personal injury lawyer who is up on the latest changes in the law.

Regardless of the cause of the Bucks County construction accident, the nature of the accident can be very severe and require a construction worker, or anyone who has been injured on a construction site, to spend time in the hospital, undergo surgeries, miss months of work, and, of course, suffer loss of wages and hefty medical expenses. Serious construction accident injuries may cause financial hardships. Those suffering with life altering personal injuries sustained while on the job deserve full money compensation for all they have lost and will likely never regain.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sets many standards and regulations on construction sites. Construction injuries in Bucks County, Philadelphia, and Mercer County occur when these standards are not upheld. It takes an experienced Pennsylvania or New Jersey construction injury lawyer to determine these OSHA violations. A good construction injury lawyer will hire experts to find and prove these violations.

Our Pennsylvania and New Jersey personal injury law firm is experienced in representing and counseling people who have sustained serious construction injuries, such as broken bones, nerve damage, loss of limbs, head injuries, spinal injuries, and burn injuries. We also represent families of individuals who have suffered wrongful death as a result of construction accidents. It is vitally important to have experience on your side when pursuing a construction accident injury claim and to contact a personal injury lawyer very early on. These types of claims require specialized attention and the ability and know-how to recover from the party who is ultimately liable for your injuries, and that party’s insurance company. The world of contracting and subcontracting has many layers. Only an experienced and resourceful personal injury lawyer should be representing you in the matter of your construction site injury. Contact the PA & NJ personal injury lawyers at Cordisco & Saile, LLC for a free consultation.