Dashboard Instrument Panel Defect Lawyer in Bucks County

The instrument panel on a car is one of the most important parts of vehicle safety. The panel is responsible for providing the driver with information about the vehicle's speed, engine temperature and other factors that are crucial to safe and informed driving. A defective panel may put a driver at higher risk of being involved in an accident. If you’ve been in a preventable car accident in Pennsylvania caused by an instrument panel defect, talk to a lawyer for dashboard instrumental panel defects from Cordisco & Saile LLC – 215-642-2335.

Why a Defective Instrument Panel is Dangerous

Unlike certain car defects, such as defective electrical wiring, an instrument panel defect isn’t usually dangerous in the sense that it will cause a fire or an explosion. Instead, a defective instrument panel is dangerous because it doesn’t provide the driver with the information he or she needs in order to operate a vehicle safely.

If a defective instrumental panel, for example, reads that the driver of a car has a full tank of gas, the driver may drive the car under the assumption that there is enough gas to make it to his or her destination. However, if the instrument panel is broken and the gas level is really nearly empty, a trip can become extremely inconvenient – or even dangerous – if the driver runs out of gas. Running out of gas in the middle of the highway can be a recipe for disaster and can result in an accident that causes serious or fatal injuries.

Another situation in which a defective instrumental panel could be dangerous to a driver or other cars on the road is if the speedometer is broken. A broken speedometer can lead the driver to believe that he or she is driving faster or slower than the actual speed; driving at a speed far above or far below the speed limit is not only against the law, but also can be a contributing factor for an accident’s occurrence.

Understanding Product Liability Law

In thinking about who to sue for damages caused by a defective instrument panel, the first thing that you should familiarize yourself with is product liability law. Product liability statutes hold manufacturers – and others along the manufacturing chain – responsible for damages caused by a product. In order to file a claim based on product liability law, a person will have to prove that the product in question is defective and that the defect was directly responsible for the person’s injuries. If you want to file a claim for damages based on product liability in Pennsylvania, you have two years from the date when your accident occurred to do so.

Because product liability law usually includes anyone involved in the process of making a defective and dangerous product, those who may be liable include the manufacturer and distributor of the car with the defective instrument panel. A lawyer for dashboard instrument panel defects can help you identify and hold liable parties responsible for the defect.

Call Cordisco & Saile LLC for Help Filing a Claim

If you’ve been involved in an accident that you believe could have been prevented if your instrument panel had been working correctly at the time of collision, set up a consultation with an attorney to review your legal options. The attorneys at Cordisco & Saile LLC, can provide you more insight into product liability law, help collect evidence to prove the defect and argue your case before a judge. To get help with your personal injury case today, call us as soon as you can at 215-642-2335 or via our online contact form.