Defective Medical Device Lawyer in Bucks County

When a person has a health condition that cannot be remedied by prescription drugs or therapy alone, such as a knee that’s injured beyond repair, he or she may turn to medical professionals for surgical help. A surgeon may use a medical device, like a knee replacement, to address the problem. While many of these surgeries go as planned, some patients fall victim to defective medical devices.

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Types of Defective Medical Devices

Many medical devices help improve patients' quality of life. Sadly, some medical devices are defective, resulting in complications for those who use them.

Some possible types of defective medical devices are listed below.

  • Transvaginal patches and mesh 
  • Mirena IUDs 
  • Medtronic infuse pumps 
  • Morcellators
  • Hip replacements 
  • Knee replacements

For example, a hip replacement system can fail, causing pain for the patient and even the need to perform the surgery again. A defective Medtronic infuse pump, on the other hand, may be linked to the incorrect administration of pain medication into a patient’s tissue. In fact, the FDA has even recalled a number of Medtronic pumps.

The list above does not include all types of defective medical devices. Many others can cause serious complications. Seek legal help from defective medical device attorneys from our firm if you were harmed.

Liability for a Defective Medical Device

A medical product may be problematic due to the defective design, defective manufacturing or the defective marketing of a medical device.

A lawsuit that focuses on the defective design of a medical device would argue that the medical device had an inherent problem created during the design process. Usually, these types of lawsuits involve devices that break down or malfunction over time.

The second common type of lawsuit for defective medical devices is a lawsuit based on a manufacturing error. Unlike a design error, a manufacturing error occurs during the manufacturing process, usually within the factory. Products that are damaged during the shipping process may be considered in this category.

Finally, the third type of defective medical device lawsuit is a lawsuit founded on the product’s failure to state warnings, instructions, or other pertinent and necessary information explicitly. If warnings weren’t provided before use, then a patient might not otherwise know that the device isn’t safe for use. If a device is potentially dangerous, a patient has the right to know.

As such, if you’ve been harmed by a defective medical device, anyone involved in the design process, the manufacturing process or the actual use of the device (such as a doctor or other healthcare professional) may be liable for your injuries. If you’d like to pursue a defective medical device claim or a medical malpractice claim for damages, Pennsylvania law provides you two years from the date of injury to do so.

Our Defective Medical Device Lawyers Can Help

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