Fatal Auto Accident Wrongful Death Lawyer in Bucks County

Fatal accidents are an unfortunate part of life for which no one is prepared. Whether a spouse, parent, or child is fatally injured, there will be shock, horror, and the grieving process. Most fatal accidents, whether fatal car accidents, fatal truck accidents, or fatal motorcycle accidents were avoidable. You will eventually have to deal with the fact that someone else's carelessness or recklessness took your loved one.

No amount of money will ever be able to replace what you have lost both emotionally and financially. If you are the spouse of a person who was killed in a fatal auto accident, you will need support for yourself and your family. You and your children may require counseling to help with the grieving process. Hopefully, you have other family members and close friends that can lend a helping hand or be there for support.

                           Help your family recover

You can recover monetary compensation in a fatal auto accident, just like with any other accident in Bucks County, Philadelphia, or Mercer County, NJ.  Personal injury cases that involve fatal accidents are called wrongful death cases. Both Pennsylvania and New Jersey each have separate laws regarding who can recover and what you can be compensated for in wrongful death cases.

If a negligent driver killed a loved one who financially supported you or your family, you may be able to recover for the wages or lost income of the person who was fatally injured. You may also recover for the cost of household services that a spouse may have provided such as cleaning, cooking, childcare, shopping, etc. 

       Finding the right fatal accident/wrongful death attorney

As with any important decision you make in life, you should do your homework and research Philadelphia Area personal injury - wrongful death attorneys to help you and your family recover for what a careless driver has taken from you. You should find a local wrongful death lawyer that enjoys a good reputation in the legal community, but will also fight aggressively for you and your family's rights.

The Bucks County injury law firm of Cordisco & Saile, LLC has experience representing families of individuals that were killed in fatal auto accidents. Cordisco & Saile, LLC also practices estate law making Cordisco & Saile, LLC a go to source in the Philadelphia Area for legal representation for fatal auto accidents in Bucks County, Mercer County, and Philadelphia, PA. The NJ and PA injury/estate attorneys are skilled in recovering compensation for fatal accidents, and at the same time, can guide you and your family through the estate administration and probate process.

Continue your research by reviewing the valuable personal injury information on this website and download or order a free copy of our personal injury guidebook to learn about the personal injury claims process in Bucks County and Philadelphia. It is important to retain an experienced fatal accident - wrongful death attorney as soon as you are ready because evidence should be preserved and protected. When you begin getting medical bills and telephone calls from an insurance company, it is time to make contact with an experienced New Jersey or Pennsylvania wrongful death lawyer.