Faulty Ignition Switch Lawyer in Bucks County

Defects in ignition switches have been reported in multiple vehicle models manufactured by General Motors. An ignition switch defect can be a very dangerous type of vehicle flaw and has been connected to driver and passenger injuries and fatalities. If you’ve been involved in an accident and suffered injuries due to this defect, a faulty ignition switch lawyer from Cordisco & Saile LLC can help you file a claim for damages – just call us at 215-642-2335 to set up an appointment.

What is an ignition switch defect?

The ignition switch starts the car’s engine when the operator inserts and turns a key – or in newer models, the operator may press a button on the dashboard. If the ignition switch is faulty, it can shut off the engine while the operator is still driving the car. The problem is exacerbated when a key attached to a key ring with other keys is used – reportedly because the added weight to a key could turn the engine off if shaken in a certain manner.

The Dangers of Ignition Switch Defects

The fact that a defective ignition switch has the power to turn off a vehicle’s engine and power supply while the vehicle is in motion is scary. When the power to an engine is cut off, the driver of the vehicle may lose control of the car, which can lead to an accident.

Even more terrifying is that by shutting off the engine, a defective ignition switch also can cut off power to airbags. This means that if an accident does occur, the driver and passengers do not have the protection that airbags typically provide. Without airbags, injuries may be more severe than they would be otherwise. A victim may suffer facial injuries, knee injuries, traumatic head injuries, broken bones, crush injuries and more when airbags do not deploy properly in an accident.

Can I file a lawsuit over a defective ignition switch?

If you are the owner of a car with a defective ignition switch, you cannot file a lawsuit for damages against the manufacturer unless the defect has caused injury. For example, if the ignition switch problem caused your engine to shut off while you were driving, but you did not get in an accident and suffered no damages, then you likely cannot recover damages.

But if the faulty ignition switch led to an accident and you suffered bodily harm or property damage, then you may recover damages by filing an insurance claim or lawsuit. You may rely on your own insurance to pay for some damages but also may have the right to file a tort action against the vehicle manufacturer. You must file a lawsuit within two years of the date you sustained your injuries.

Also, discuss with an attorney for ignition switch problems the GM ignition compensation fund, which was established to compensate victims for damages related to faulty ignition switches. Claims must be submitted by the end of 2014. Talk to your lawyer about whether filing with the compensation fund or filing your own lawsuit may be in your best interests.

Get Help from a Faulty Ignition Switch Lawyer from Cordisco & Saile LLC

Filing a personal injury claim for damages and proving the liability of the manufacturer of a defective ignition switch can be extremely technical processes. Seek the assistance of an attorney for help filing a claim and proving liability with proper evidence, like automobile expert and accident reconstruction testimony.

At Cordisco & Saile LLC, our attorneys will review all options available to recover damages and will help you construct a case against an auto manufacturer. To set up a free consultation, call our offices now at 215-642-2335.