Gas Pedal Problem Lawyer in Bucks County

While car manufacturing companies have a duty to the consumer to manufacture vehicles that are free from defects, sometimes automakers make cars with serious defects. Defects range from electrical issues to defective and dangerous tires. One type of vehicle defect that can be particularly dangerous is a defective gas pedal.

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Signs of a Defective Gas Pedal

For vehicle owners who drive cars with defective gas pedals, it may be impossible to know of the defect until it is too late. Often, a sticking sensation of the pedal can be indicative of a gas pedal defect. In most cases, though, a vehicle owner will not be aware of the defect until involved in an accident caused by the defect or until notification of the defect and recall by the manufacturer and/or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Dangers of a Defective Gas Pedal

One of the most dangerous defects that a car can have is a defective gas pedal. For example, if a gas pedal is defective and gets stuck (as has happened with Toyota vehicles in the past – the report is viewable on the NHTSA website), then unintentional acceleration can occur. Unintentional acceleration may lead to an accident, which could be deadly for the driver of the car, passengers, those in another vehicle, or even pedestrians and bicyclists.

Learning about Recalls

If you’re the owner of a vehicle that has a defective part, you should be notified about the recall by the car manufacturer. The recall notice will be sent to you via mail, and the envelope will contain the NHTSA logo on it. The recall notice should provide you with information about how to get the defective gas pedal repaired and where repairs can be performed.

While the manufacturer is responsible for sending recall notifications, sometimes notices reach vehicle owners too late. If you’ve already been involved in an accident caused by a gas pedal defect, then you may be able to take legal recourse to recover compensation.

How to Recover Compensation Following an Accident Caused by a Gas Pedal Defect

If you’ve been involved in an accident that was caused by a defective gas pedal, the first thing that you need to do is to decide whether or not you want to file a lawsuit for damages. If you think that you can prove that the defect caused your injuries, then you must file a lawsuit within two years of the date when the accident occurred. Legal assistance from a gas pedal defect attorney can help ensure you file on time and present a solid case that establishes entitlement to damages.

Your case will have to prove that the manufacturer of the defective vehicle had a duty to manufacture a defect-free car; that the duty was breached by manufacturing a vehicle with a defective gas pedal; that the defective gas pedal caused an accident; and you would not have sustained injuries but for the accident and defective gas pedal. This requires evidence that your attorney can help secure and present in your case. It might include police reports, eyewitness testimonies and photographs but also may include more complex types of evidence, like expert automotive testimony.

If you can prove all of the above, you may be able to recover damages for both economic and noneconomic losses. This includes medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

Seek Legal Recourse with Help from a Gas Pedal Problem Lawyer

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