Are YOU fully Covered?

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Are YOU fully Covered?

What does full coverage mean? Many injured people meet with us after a Pennsylvania or New Jersey auto accident and tell us that they have FULL COVERAGE. Then we ask them, “what do you mean by full coverage?” Most of our injured clients then say that they have all possible auto insurance benefits. Some injured people think FULL COVERAGE means FULL TORT, or its NJ equivalent known as ZERO THRESHOLD or NO LIMITATION ON LAWSUIT. As an experienced injury lawyer, I can tell you that there is no common legal definition for “full coverage.”

In the auto accident claims world of PA and NJ, full coverage usually means that your car is fully covered by insurance. This means that if your car is damaged (property damage) by the NJ or PA auto accident, your vehicle will be repaired or replaced by your auto insurance company. It doesn’t matter whether the accident was caused by YOUR ACTIONS (meaning that the accident is YOUR FAULT) or if someone else causes an accident that damages your vehicle. Many auto loan companies or auto leasing companies require FULL COVERAGE auto insurance.

The Bucks County injury attorneys at Cordisco & Saile LLC regularly represent people who are injured in NJ or PA auto accidents. In most cases, the injured person’s car must be repaired or replaced. We often help our injured clients obtain fair compensation for the damage to their vehicles. We do not represent individuals who have NOT BEEN INJURED, but have damage to their vehicles. If you have been involved in an auto accident in the Philadelphia area download a FREE copy of our PENNSYLVANIA CAR ACCIDENT BOOK to learn more about how to recover for what a reckless driver has taken from you.

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