Doctor Liable Malpractice Misdiagnosis

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Doctor Liable Malpractice Misdiagnosis

If you were misdiagnosed, the doctor might be liable for malpractice if certain conditions exist. Not getting answers to your health questions and not getting relief for your symptoms are not only intensely frustrating and costly, but also exceptionally dangerous. If left untreated, some conditions can worsen and even become fatal. If your doctor misdiagnosed you or your loved one, you would want to have a malpractice attorney evaluate your case straightaway.

Is misdiagnosis considered medical negligence?

Not all misdiagnoses are considered negligence. To be able to hold the doctor liable, you doctor must have acted in a way that was out of the ordinary, i.e., that was against the industry’s standard of care. In other words, your doctor must have made a mistake that other physicians in a similar situation would not have made.

How do you prove this? In addition to using your medical records, your lawyer will probably commission a medical expert to provide testimony about your case. An unbiased, court-approved expert can testify what types of practice, procedures, and outcomes would have been ordinary and standard in your situation. If your doctor made an unacceptable or bad mistake, the medical expert would be able to testify that in court.

Examples of Misdiagnoses that Constitute Malpractice

Cordisco & Saile LLC handles medical malpractice misdiagnosis cases of all kinds. Cancer, infections, heart disease, and fractures are commonly misdiagnosed and can have fatal or life-altering consequences.

Below are a few examples of misdiagnoses that justify filing a suit.

  • A woman with breast cancer is misdiagnosed as having cysts.
  • A patient is misdiagnosed with anxiety or a chest sprain when in actuality, he had suffered a heart attack.
  • A patient is diagnosed with benign back pain, when there was an infection in her spine that caused her to become paralyzed.
  • A man is diagnosed with kidney cancer and has his kidney removed, only to find out that it was only a kidney stone, not cancer.
  • A patient is not given a diagnosis for her stomach pain because the physician misread the scan as being normal. She had a perforated bowel, and since it was untreated, the patient died.

Call Cordisco & Saile LLC for Help with Your Malpractice Case

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