How can I find out about motorcycle recalls or defects?

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How can I find out about motorcycle recalls or defects?

Learning about a motorcycle recall or defect could prevent injuries or even death in an accident. Consumers should check this information before purchasing a bike. But it’s a good idea to remain informed, just in case a motorcycle or motorcycle part isn’t recalled until later. Consumers can search online for recalled bikes and parts and even set up email alerts so they’re notified when a bike is recalled.

Online Resources for Motorcycle Recalls and Defects

One means for finding information on auto and motorcycle recalls is through Motorcyclist Online (, which lists the most recent motorcycle recalls. But it also provides sections where users can search for recalls by make and year. Another resource is Motorcycle USA ( The recall page at Consumer Reports ( allows users to search by year, make and model.

For the most informative recall information, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is an authoritative source. Users can search for recalls ( or sign up to receive email alerts ( This feature offers users a couple of options. The email notification system allows users to select up to five specific make, model and year combinations. Users may choose to receive all auto recall notifications, which includes not only bikes, but also safety equipment and helmets.

According to Consumer Reports, the NHTSA now requires motorcycle manufacturers to provide consumers with a free online tool to search for recalls using the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Searching using the VIN will allow consumers to discover if a vehicle was affected by a recall and if it was fixed.

Although all manufacturers have until August 2014 to include this feature on their website, some have already added it. The same VIN search tool eventually will be available on NHTSA’s website.

How a Motorcycle Recall or Defect May Impact an Accident

Information about motorcycle recalls isn’t just useful when making a purchasing decision. It could become an issue in an accident. Safety defects increase the risk of an accident and/or injury. If a defect was a contributing factor in an accident, injured parties could file a claim against the manufacturer.

Let’s say an investigation into a motorcycle collision reveals that the brakes were designed defectively. It’s determined that brake failure caused the operator to lose control, striking another vehicle. As a result, injured parties may file a claim against the manufacturer.

Proof of liability is required, and one way to prove a defect is by saving and evaluating the part itself. Another is by referring to a recall notice. However, in that case, it might mean also filing a claim against the dealership that sold the motorcycle. Dealerships have a responsibility to ensure recalled products aren’t made available to consumers.

Accidents involving defective parts or recalls can have a lot of complex issues to sort through. It’s best to consult legal counsel if a defective product caused or contributed to a motorcycle crash. Accident victims in Warminster can call Cordisco & Saile LLC at 215-642-2335.

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