How can I protect myself from a motorcycle accident?

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How can I protect myself from a motorcycle accident?

You can protect yourself from a motorcycle accident if you purchase a safe motorcycle, focus on making yourself visible, riding sober, and wearing a helmet. Let’s look at each of these suggestions at length.

Make Yourself Visible

If you’re a motorcyclist, then making sure that other motorists can see you while you’re on the road is critical to your safety. To ensure that you’re visible, consider wearing bright clothing in florescent or neon colors. Additionally, consider investing in reflective tape. Always make sure that all the lights on your bike are working well, and that you don’t forget to turn them on while riding.

Never Ride While Impaired

Another way that you can protect yourself from being involved in a motorcycle accident is to make sure that you never ride your motorcycle while impaired in any way. Never ride while under the influence of drugs, after having too many drinks, or while fatigued. In addition to always riding while sober and alert, make sure you pay attention to your surroundings. Riding while distracted – checking a cell phone or shouting comments to a passenger – can lead to an accident.

Always Wear a Helmet

Finally, if you want to protect yourself from an accident, you should consider wearing a helmet. A helmet is essential in protecting your head in the event that an accident does occur but can also be a preventative measure as well. A helmet offers protection from flying debris (a helmet with a face mask is even better) and if you purchase one in a bright color, that will be one more way drivers in other vehicles can see you.

Pennsylvania law does not require that a person wear a helmet if over the age of 21 and if he or she has two or more years of riding experience, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. Regardless of the law, wearing a helmet is always a smart idea.

A Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Represent You!

You have a right to civil action (within two years of the accident’s date) if you were in a motorcycle accident in Pennsylvania that wasn’t your fault. To help you recover damages, the attorneys at Cordisco & Saile LLC are ready to provide you with a free case consultation today.

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