I am now home from the hospital, what doctor should I see next after my auto accident?

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I am now home from the hospital, what doctor should I see next after my auto accident?

It is critical to get the proper medical treatment after Philadelphia, Bucks County, or Mercer County, NJ auto accident. Your health is the most important factor. Medical recovery is your number one goal after a car accident.

You must also get the proper medical treatment for your Pennsylvania or New Jersey personal injury case. When you file a claim against an insurance company or a lawsuit in court, you have the burden of proof to establish the existence of your injuries and that your injuries, pain, suffering, and wage loss were caused by the auto accident. Your medical doctors will help you prove that your new personal injuries where caused by your recent car accident and not some other incident or condition that you may have previously had.

After an auto accident in the Philadelphia area, you should get yourself to the hospital if you feel any twinge of pain. After you get home from the hospital you should be making an appointment with your family doctor to be examined. Your family doctor may then give you a referral so that you can get to the proper personal injury treatment specialist.

If you do not have a family doctor, you should find a doctor that regularly treats car accident victims. An orthopedic doctor is always a good start because they personal injuries to muscles, joints, and bones. Muscles, joints, and bones are the parts of the human body that are most commonly injured in car accidents in the Philadelphia area.

Just remember NO amount of money will be able to take away your pain and suffering. Only proper medical treatment will give you your best chance at getting physically better.

If you have a question about what doctor you should be seeing, order or download a free copy of our Pennsylvania Auto Accident Guidebook. The Bucks County personal injury lawyers at Cordisco & Saile LLC offer you a FREE Consultation to review your medical treatment and help you recover both physically, mentally, and financially.

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