Is motorcycle eye protection required for Morrisville riders?

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Is motorcycle eye protection required for Morrisville riders?

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (Penn DOT) requires motorcyclists have eye protection. Are you new to motorcycling and unsure of the safety requirements? Did you just move to the state and are wondering about the safety laws? Lots of motorcyclists have questions about the gear they must wear – Do I have to wear a motorcycle helmet? and Is motorcycle eye protection required? –are common questions.

The Penn DOT does not specify the type of eye protection that you should wear, but does require that all motorcyclists wear it to protect their eyes from a variety of irritants.

  • Bugs
  • Pieces of debris
  • Small stones
  • Rocks
  • Wind

Why should I wear eye protection?

Even in states that do not mandate eye protection, wearing protective gear is highly recommended to protect the eyes while riding. A motorcyclist is at risk of impaired vision when something flies into the eyes while riding. Even the wind can impair vision. This can increase the risk of an accident, after all, vision is the most important sense when riding a motorcycle.

Motorcyclists can also suffer serious injuries to unprotected eyes by foregoing protection. The injuries might occur while riding – such as if a rock strikes the motorcyclist’s eyes – or during an accident. Injuries to the eyes might cause vision impairment or loss.

What types of eye protection should I wear?

There are a variety of protective devices for eyes available in Morrisville. From glasses and goggles to face shields, there are options that offer varying degrees of protection. Many helmets also provide eye protection in the form of partial visors or full-face shields.

Goggles that are much larger than your typical sunglasses also provide effective protection because of the larger frames that increase the circumference of protection. Besides, goggles are available in quick-change lens forms that allow the motorcyclists to ride comfortably in a variety of changing lighting conditions. Motorcyclists can also use riding glasses specifically designed for motorcycling.

Look for high-quality, scratch-resistant, fog-resistant lenses, and those that offer UVA protection. Opt for eye protection that is shatter-proof to offer protection in the event a hard object like a pebble or rock strikes the goggles or glasses while riding.

Legal Options for Riders Injured in Traffic Accidents in Morrisville

An eye injury is just one of the many severe injuries that a motorcyclist can suffer in an accident. If you suffer injuries in a motorcycle accident in Morrisville, you can recover compensation. Compensation can include lost wages, medical costs and disability. Call 215 -717-8471 or contact us online to set up a consultation to speak to a lawyer at Cordisco & Saile LLC and learn how you can begin filing a claim for compensation.

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