Morrisville Class Action Lawsuit: Join or File Alone?

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Morrisville Class Action Lawsuit: Join or File Alone?

When a defective car or car part causes accidents and injuries, those injured may join to form a class action lawsuit. As part of the class action, you have the right to opt in or opt out of the suit.

What’s a class action lawsuit?

In a class action lawsuit, a group, or “class,” of people, usually numbering into the hundreds or thousands, brings forth a claim against an at-fault party. Those within a class typically share the same injuries or have suffered the same extent of harm. To belong to a class, a plaintiff typically does not have to do anything.

If s/he has suffered the same damages as the rest of the class then s/he is part of the class. You would receive notification of the lawsuit and will automatically join the class unless you opt out. If you take no action, then you are bound by the judgment of the lawsuit.

Your Right to Opt Out of a Class Action Lawsuit

If you receive notice that you are a member of a class action lawsuit for auto defect, you have the right to opt out of the lawsuit and pursue your legal action if desired. Because it is unlikely that you will play much of a role, if any, in a class action lawsuit.

Filing your lawsuit with an attorney on the other hand is often advantageous if the harm that you’ve suffered is particularly severe, or if your injuries are unique to those of the rest of the class. Since you’ll be filing a personal injury claim against a company then confer with a defective product lawyer in Morrisvile first so that you can be sure that you are completing each step of the process.

If your claim is very small, though, then you may have a better chance of recovering damages in a class action lawsuit than in a private lawsuit.

How to Opt Out of a Class Action Lawsuit

If you are approached about being a member of a class action lawsuit, you should consult with your attorney as soon as possible to learn about the pros and cons of joining the class vs. filing a private lawsuit.

If you decide that opting out of the lawsuit is to your best interest, your attorney can guide you through this process. Typically, opting out of a class action lawsuit involves completing paperwork within a given deadline and sending it back to the class action lawyer.

Learn More About Class Actions vs. Private Lawsuit Today

If you’re thinking about fling a private lawsuit in Morrisville after being injured by a defective car/car part, make sure you consult with the attorneys at Cordisco & Saile LLC before making any decisions, and make sure you act quickly. The state’s statute of limitations for filing a claim is two years

.To learn more about class action lawsuits, set up your free appointment with us today and read about how to file a car accident lawsuit on our webpage. You can reach us at 215-642-2335 now.

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