See Doctor After Car Accident No Injury

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See Doctor After Car Accident No Injury

Yes, you want to see a doctor after a car accident even if you don’t feel injured. If you don’t take an ambulance to the hospital directly after the crash, you will want to get at least a medical evaluation as soon as practicable after the accident. Seeing a doctor as quickly as possible protects your health as well your legal rights.

Protecting Yourself from Health Complications

Not all injuries produce immediate outward symptoms. You could have in internal injury, and the shock of the incident could be masking your awareness of pain and other symptoms. For example, whiplash and whiplash-related disorders can develop rather slowly, causing varying degrees of pain and loss of range of motion.

You might not start to feel it until the day after the accident, but by then, you could be pretty uncomfortable. It’s far better to identify the condition early on and preemptively treat it to keep the inflammation down before the pain and swelling get out of hand.

Delaying treatment or diagnosis can sometimes have far-reaching implications. Concussions and other brain injuries could take hours or more to manifest, as can damage to internal organs. Left untreated, these conditions can cause long-term health issues or even prove fatal. Do yourself a favor, obtain a medical evaluation and get some peace of mind.

Preserving Your Legal Interests

A secondary reason to see a doctor after a car accident relates to filing your insurance claim. Whatever injuries you sustain in the crash might be covered under your or the other drivers’ auto insurance. But, if you don’t get an initial medical exam and then you later manifest injuries, the insurer might try to say that your condition has no link to the car accident and they could refute your claim.

If you go to the doctor right after the accident and explain any symptoms you might have to the physician (e.g., minor neck pain) and then if it later develops into something more serious (whiplash disorder), you’ll have medical records as proof that link your injury to the accident. There are many side effects to even the most innocuous injuries.

For instance, whiplash disorder often mimics a cerebral disorder state which yields emotional disturbances and motor imbalance, according to Kenneth H. Abbott, M.D., a surgeon at Ohio State University Hospitals. If you do not log changes to your physical and mental wellbeing with your doctor then you may not receive any compensation for them.

You’ll want medical records too if the defendant disputes your claim and the case goes to court. Going to the doctor and following any treatment orders will help validate your case.

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