Should I be keeping some kind of notebook or journal after an accident?

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Should I be keeping some kind of notebook or journal after an accident?

One thing that we share with all of our clients, is the importance of tracking each day after an accident.

This can be vital in the details of any personal injury case.

In reality, most injury cases do not settle or go to court for months or years after the accident. No matter how badly that you are injured, you will not remember the detail of each challenging day. A daily journal is a good way for an injured person to be able to memorialize how badly they are suffering. Keeping a daily journal will help you or your attorney prepare for depositions in your case.

So if you or someone you know has been injured in an accident, journaling is a must.

Each day your journal should record:

  • The location, intensity, and duration of your pain.
  • Any physical and mental restrictions that you experienced due to your injuries and pain.
  • Any medications taken, including both prescribed and over the counter.
  • Any doctor appointments that you attended and the type of treatment that you received.
  • Any activities, hobbies, or employment duties that you could not perform because of your pain and restrictions.
  • Any activities, hobbies, or employment duties that you did perform or partially performed, but with pain and restrictions.

A daily journal is your chance to effectively communicate how the accident has affected you. You should keep your journal every day until your case has ended. Many people begin to keep their daily journal, but then quit in a few weeks. If you quit keeping your daily journal, insurance companies and juries may believe that you have recovered.

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