Should my injury lawyer refer me directly to an injury doctor?

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Should my injury lawyer refer me directly to an injury doctor?

This important question comes through the minds of many of our Bucks County injury clients. There is no correct answer to this question. The first thing you should know is that NOT ALL DOCTORS TREAT INJURIES from auto accidents, truck accidents, or motorcycle accidents. In fact, many family doctors are not familiar with the complexities of spinal injuries, head injuries and broken bones.

If you looking for a doctor to treat your injuries, you should find a doctor who regularly treats accident victims. You should also find a doctor who knows how to document your injuries and a doctor who will stand up for you in court in case your injury claim does not settle.
If you have a family doctor, you should be examined by your family doctor within TWO DAYS after your injury.

Many of our injury clients in Philadelphia, Bucks County, and Mercer County, NJ do not have family doctors and have never previously treated with an injury doctor.  When injured victims without a family doctor come to our Philadelphia area injury law firm or do not have a relationship with an injury doctor, we first determine where the injured person lives and works to get a feel where geographically will be the most convenient town or neighborhood to treat with an injury doctor. We then provide our injury clients with a list of several injury doctors who we have worked with in the past. The injury doctors on our lists specialize in treatment of neck injuries, back injuries, spine injuries, head injuries, and broken bones. These injury doctors will also be able to document your injuries so that an insurance company, a judge, or a jury can easily understand the cause and extent of your injuries.

We then ask our injury clients to conduct their own independent research on these injury doctors and discuss their research with their spouses and families to determine which injury doctor or injury medical practice is the best fit for the injured person. Our Bucks County injury law firm will not refer you directly to a doctor’s office. We require our clients to make the final decision as to the choice of injury doctor.

Often times at an injury trial or at a deposition in an injury case, lawyers for the insurance company will ask the injured victim how they were referred to their individual doctors. If an injured person tells a defense lawyer that his or her injury lawyer directly referred them to the “lawyer’s injury doctor,” the insurance defense lawyer may attempt to infer to a jury that the injury lawyer and the injury doctor are in cahoots and that the injury doctor’s testimony is not credible. Although your injury lawyer and injury doctor are not in cahoots, DON’T MAKE THIS MISTAKE!

An injury lawyer can give you a list of potential injury doctors, but YOU SHOULD MAKE THE FINAL DECISION as to which injury doctor will treat you! If you or a loved one has been injured in a Bucks County auto accident and are in need of help finding an experienced doctor in your area to treat your injuries, contact the Bucks County injury lawyers at Cordisco & Saile LLC for more information.

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