Surgical Errors in Philadelphia Happen Often

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Surgical Errors in Philadelphia Happen Often

It is understandable that you worry about your mom’s safety as she heads into surgery. According to studies done by John Hopkins Medical School, over 9,500 medical malpractice cases related to surgical errors. These errors happened across the country over the course of 20 years.

Common Mistakes Made During Surgery

Surgery is a delicate process. It is one that doctors, nurses, and medical staff must take very seriously to avoid anything going disastrously wrong. Some of the most common surgical errors that cause patients serious injury include:

  • Objects left in the body after the surgery
  • The wrong body part being operated on
  • The wrong procedure done on the patient
  • The wrong patient receiving the surgery

Each of these types of events is highly preventable. The study showed that six percent of the surgical errors resulted in death, and only twelve percent resulted in medical malpractice payments. According to the lead doctor on the study, the reason for that is that most of the surgical mistakes are not discovered.

To help ensure everything goes all right during your mom’s surgery, it is important that you are aware of these risks. Monitoring before and after the surgery for any errors is important.

If you suspect something did go wrong during her surgery, I encourage you to reach out and contact our office as soon as possible. As a Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer, I know how scary this is for you and your family. I will help you gather evidence and make a claim against anyone who causes your mom harm.

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