The Dangers of Settling a Pennsylvania Car Crash Fast

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The Dangers of Settling a Pennsylvania Car Crash Fast

One of the most common tricks insurance adjusters will try is offering you a settlement quickly. They will make it seem like they have your best interest in mind, claiming that you’ll get your money faster so that you can move forward, but in reality it’s a way to avoid paying you what you deserve.

Don’t Fall Victim to Insurance Adjuster Scams

The adjuster aims to make your case open-and-shut so that he can get it off his desk and avoid the risk of future costs arising as you settle. Although it seems tempting to say yes now, I can almost guarantee you that you will regret the decision in the future. Here’s why:

  • You could still owe more in medical bills. When you are in a car accident, your body gets a surge of adrenaline. This surge masks many injuries. Often, the hidden injuries do not begin to surface until days, weeks, or months after the crash. Other injuries may be apparent but hard to detect. This is especially true of traumatic brain injuries (TBI). If you do not know the extent of your injuries, you have no way of knowing the extent of your costs.
  • You could still owe more in property damage. Similar to your body, cars can hide some damage after a crash. Until the mechanic and body shop get under the hood of your car and begin working on your vehicle, their estimates on repairs are just that—estimates.
  • You might not be at fault for the crash. When an adjuster tries to get you to settle quickly, he sometimes will tell you the reason is because you were partly to blame for the crash. He might also claim that because of that, he knows the maximum you are entitled to and so it is in your best interest to take the check and run. When you work with a personal injury lawyer in Pennsylvania, you might find that you are not to blame for any portion of the car accident, which could give you more money.

Once you sign on the dotted line and accept the settlement check, your case cannot be reopened. Rushing to resolve your case is risky because you may not have uncovered all of the expenses associated with the crash yet. Your family’s financial future is on the line. Settling early could cost you a significant amount of money.

Unsure if your settlement offer is fair? Contact me, a Pennsylvania car accident attorney for guidance. I’ll assess the evidence you have in your case and give you a recommendation on how to best handle it so that you get what you deserve.

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