Top Causes of Pennsylvania Truck Accidents

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Top Causes of Pennsylvania Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are serious matters. If you are like many victims of truck accidents, the injuries you are suffering from are severe and potentially life-changing. Getting to the bottom of what happened and who is at fault will not only put your mind at ease, but will also play an important role in determining how much the truck driver’s insurance will pay you in your settlement.

Common Causes of Truck Crashes

One of the first things the trucking company will do is try to determine the cause of the accident. From there, they will determine to what extent each driver is at fault. Here are the top five most common reasons truck accidents happen.

  • Speed – No matter whether the driver was going too fast or too slow, speed usually plays a big factor in the cause of a truck accident. When a driver is operating a large vehicle  such as an 18-wheeler, it can be too hard to stop, or they could impede traffic. Trained truck drivers know this, so when they drive at an unsafe speed, there is often something else impacting their driving abilities.
  • Fatigue – Truck drivers work long shifts and stare at open stretches of roads for extended periods of time. It is not uncommon for fatigue to set in. If a driver is tired from a long day of work, he may not react as quickly to hazardous situations. As a result, he could cause a collision.
  • Drug Use – Drugs, legal or illegal, have serious side effects. Fatigue, dizziness, and disorientation are just a few of the symptoms that impact a truck driver’s ability to safely operate his vehicle on the road.
  • Not Following Procedure – Drivers of 18-wheelers are required to go through extensive safety training. Because of the size and weight of these vehicles, drivers must follow all safety measures and procedures at all times. When they don’t, they put everyone around them at risk. Something as simple as not using a blinker, not checking a blind spot, or not slowing down in dangerous conditions can cause a collision.
  • Distracted Driving – There is a variety of things in a vehicle that can distract drivers. From cell phones and radios, to eating and drinking, drivers often take their eyes off the road because they are distracted by something else. This is one of the biggest reasons truck crashes happen.

The cause of your crash plays a big part in how much compensation you will receive. Trucking companies work hard to find their drivers innocent so that they do not have to pay as much in settlement fees. Having a lawyer on your side can help you find the real cause of the crash, so you do not get a lower settlement.

Need more help finding out the cause of your Philadelphia truck accident on I-495? Give me a call and let’s discuss your unique situation.

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