Trip Interruption Coverage for Motorcycles NE Philly

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Trip Interruption Coverage for Motorcycles NE Philly

Under Pennsylvania law, motorcyclists must purchase minimum mandated insurance. These laws require you to possess minimum levels of bodily injury protection and property damage protection in an accident. However, there are additional types of coverage that motorcyclists can choose to purchase in addition to these requirements. One of those is trip interruption coverage.

Overview of Trip Interruption Coverage

Trip interruption coverage covers the costs of towing, transportation and other costs when a motorcycle breaks down. When your motorcycle breaks down, you are likely to sustain not only property damage expenses and repair costs, but also the cost of towing, alternate transportation, lodging, meals and more.

Different insurance companies may define the distance from home that the motorcycle accident or breakdown must occur for trip interruption coverage to take effect. For instance, some insurers may provide trip interruption coverage only when your motorcycle breaks down 100 miles or more from your home.

Your trip interruption coverage can cover lodging expenses and meals while your motorcycle is under repair. Some insurance companies also add alternate transportation costs and towing costs, while others may offer transportation and towing coverage as a separate policy option. Review your options with an insurance representative.

What other types of optional coverage are available for motorcycles?

There are a number of other insurance options for your motorcycle policy. Check with your insurance company about the optional coverage that is available. For instance, some companies offer optional equipment coverage, safety apparel coverage, replacement coverage for total losses, and more.

Motorcyclists also have the option of increasing coverage on their required coverage. This allows you to increase your policy limits for added protection, should you cause an accident that injures another party.

Go over your coverage options carefully and decide what kind of additional coverage is most important to you and that fits within your budget. Again, review all available options with your insurance agent to determine what is in your best interests.

What other types of optional coverage are available for motorcycles?

If you were in a motorcycle accident in the Northeast Philly area, speak with a motorcycle accident attorney about recovering compensation for your losses. You may recover damages that include medical costs, lost income, disability, pain and suffering, and more. Call 215-642-2335 or fill out our online contact form to set up a consultation with a lawyer.

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