What is a trucker’s log book and how could it help my truck accident claim?

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What is a trucker’s log book and how could it help my truck accident claim?

A trucker’s log book is among the critical pieces of evidence that accident victims or their families may try to obtain if pursuing a truck accident claim for damages. This book contains important data that can prove helpful to a case. In Bensalem, a truck accident lawyer can help Pennsylvania accident victims recover this evidence and may use it to prove liability in a truck accident claim.

Who must keep a trucker’s log book?

Anyone who drives a commercial truck must keep a log book. A commercial truck is generally described as a vehicle that has a gross vehicle weight or combination weight of 10,000 pounds or more and is involved in interstate commerce.

It may hold 16 or more passengers without receiving compensation, or may transport at least nine people for compensation. Some commercial trucks are used to transport hazardous vehicles. Victims of truck accidents unsure of whether the vehicle can be classified as such should work with a Bensalem truck accident lawyer.

What does a trucker’s log book include?

A log book is filled out by the truck driver daily and it contains pertinent information about the driver and his or her activity, such as:

  • dates;
  • starting time;
  • total hours on-duty, driving, off-duty, or in sleeper berth;
  • miles driven;
  • name of co-driver;
  • carrier name;
  • vehicle number;
  • address of main office;
  • shipping document numbers;
  • driver’s signature; and
  • any pertinent comments.


The trucker’s log book includes a grid that requires duty status to be listed in increments of one hour. This is where the driver will record time spent driving, on-duty, off-duty, or in the sleeper berth. Some log books are kept via automatic on-board recording devices rather than in a written log book. When helping file a truck accident claim for victims in Bensalem, the truck accident lawyer in Pennsylvania will examine the logs and can help if alteration is suspected.

How does a log book help a victim’s truck accident claim?

A log book can help determine if a truck driver was violating any transportation laws, particularly hours of service rules. For example, a truck driver can drive only 11 hours after a 10-hour off-duty period. Further, only 14 consecutive hours may be spent on-duty after the 10-hour off-duty period.

Some drivers try to work longer hours in order to meet deadlines or make extra money. However, this is illegal and can be a sign of liability in a truck accident claim, as the longer a person drives, the more fatigued he or she may be and fatigue is a common cause of truck accidents.

A Bensalem truck accident lawyer serving Pennsylvania accident victims will be knowledgeable of the laws created by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. In addition to evaluating the trucker’s log book, an attorney may send a spoliation letter to the trucking company informing it of intent to file a claim and require evidence be preserved.

Contacting a Bensalem Truck Accident Lawyer

In Pennsylvania, Cordisco & Saile LLC can provide consultation to victims of truck accidents. A Bensalem truck accident lawyer can help Pennsylvania injury victims understand exercise rights, pursue a truck accident claim, and collect necessary evidence such as the trucker’s log book.

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