What kind of background or security checks are bus drivers required to take before driving?

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What kind of background or security checks are bus drivers required to take before driving?

As commercial carriers, bus drivers have a high standard of care to which they must adhere when operating a bus. The following takes a look at what’s required of Pennsylvania bus drivers before they can get behind the wheel.

Criminal History Check

A bus driver who is employed by a private school or a public school district is required under law – as are all public and private school employees, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Education – to undergo a federal background check. The first part of the background check requires the applicant to have copies of their fingerprints made. The second part requires obtaining a copy of a state police background check and a child abuse report, and the third part requires the applicant to send a copy of the fingerprints to the FBI, which then will perform the background check.

Child Abuse History Check

In addition to a federal background check, the state of Pennsylvania also requires its school bus drivers to undergo a child abuse history check performed by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare. If the form does not a clear, a person cannot be a school bus driver.

Security Checks for Other Commercial Bus Drivers

The only bus drivers who are subjected to background checks in the state, as required by law, are school bus drivers. Bus drivers who simply want to obtain a commercial license for the purpose of operating a public or private bus line do not need to undergo a background check unless the company for which they work requests that they do so. A background check is not part of the licensing process in itself.

Other requirements for becoming a commercial bus driver include becoming medically certified, passing a specific test and passing a driving exam. To become a school bus driver, a person must obtain a commercial driver’s permit, get a vision and hearing test, undergo a physical test, undergo a drug and alcohol test, and undergo a mental health test, according to a Fact Sheet published by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

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