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Involving passenger cars, buses, large trucks and motorcycles, automobile accidents are a leading cause of accidental death within the U.S. There are various types of accidents, and victims can suffer a wide range of injuries. Fortunately, Pennsylvania provides opportunity for injured accident victims to recover compensation for their damages. Talk to automobile accident attorneys in Newtown at Cordisco & Saile LLC for help – call us at 215-642-2335.

Types of Automobile Accidents

Below is an overview of the various types of automobile accidents.

  • Rear-end collisions – A minor fender bender may not result in injuries, though a more serious one can cause significant injuries. Whiplash is a common injury associated with rear-end crashes. 
  • Head-on collisions – This is perhaps the most dangerous type of accident because it may occur at full speed if a driver drifts into oncoming traffic or otherwise drives the wrong way. 
  • Angle or side collisions – These accidents may occur at intersections when a driver runs a red light or tries to make a left turn in front of oncoming traffic. 
  • Hit-and-run accidents – A driver may leave the scene of an accident for a number of reasons. This is against the law, and drivers can face penalties. Victims still may have avenues to recover damages, though. 
  • Single-vehicle collisions – A single-vehicle collision may involve running off the road, striking an object on the side of the road or a rollover accident. These incidents can lead to serious injuries in some cases. 
  • Drunk driving-related accidents – A drunk driver puts everybody on the road at risk. The impaired driver typically is liable for any damages related to the accident, though dram shop liability may hold an establishment that served him or her liquor liable as well. 

Injuries from Automobile Accidents

The injuries that a victim sustains from an automobile accident are often dependent upon the accident type, whether or not the victim was wearing a seatbelt, the speed at which each vehicle was traveling, and the force of impact. In general, a car accident victim is at risk of sustaining head injuries, broken bones, internal injuries, external injuries (cuts, lacerations, bruises), burn injuries, and back and neck injuries.

Sometimes, these injuries heal quickly. Other times, they can cause permanent loss of function, paralysis or cognitive disability.

Pennsylvania Car Insurance Law

If you have been involved in a car accident in Pennsylvania, it is important to understand your insurance policy. Pennsylvania is a choice no-fault car insurance state. This means that motorists can choose between limited tort or full tort insurance coverage.

Under limited tort coverage, you may recover medical expenses under your insurance policy and can only file a tort claim for pain and suffering damages against an at-fault driver if you suffered serious injuries. Under full tort coverage, you are not limited in your right to file a tort action against an at-fault driver for pain and suffering damages.

Both types of insurance require proving that another driver caused your wreck, though, so seek help from our automobile accident lawyers in Newtown to collect evidence and craft your case.

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Understanding Pennsylvania insurance and civil procedure laws can be difficult without professional legal assistance. If you’ve been in a car accident, let the attorneys at Cordisco & Saile LLC work with you to get you the compensation you need and deserve. The statute of limitations in Pennsylvania is two years, so call us today at 215-642-2335 or fill out our contact form. We'll answer all your questions, help you understand your rights to recover damages and provide legal assistance throughout the insurance and legal process.