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Personal Injury Lawyer in Northeast Philadelphia

While accidents happen every day, oftentimes it can be hard to determine if an injury was the result of someone else’s carelessness and negligence, or if the injury suffered is serious enough to warrant a personal injury lawsuit. Contact a personal injury lawyer near Northeast Philadelphia with multiple offices in Bucks County at Cordisco & Saile LLC at 215-642-2335 today and let us help you determine if you can receive compensation for your injuries.

Types of Personal Injury Cases

There are many types of personal injury cases that will allow you to receive compensation for your injuries due to someone else’s recklessness, carelessness, or negligence. Some of the most common examples include:

  • Car, motorcycle, trucking, and bus accidents. Vehicle accidents make up a large majority of personal injury cases.
  • Product liability.  If a manufacturer, distributor or designer produces a product that goes into the public that is not safe, they can be held strictly liable for any injuries that the product may cause. This means that if an injury occurs from their product, they are responsible. All products in the marketplace have a fundamental requirement to be safe when used as intended by a consumer. If an injury occurs due to a faulty or defective part or component of a product, an injured person may be entitled to compensation for their injuries.
  • Dog Bites. Dog bites in Pennsylvania are judged under a strict liability standard as well, and therefore anyone that is bitten by a dog in Pennsylvania may be able to receive compensation for their injuries.
  • Intentional Behavior of Another.While some physical and sexual assault crimes can be charged under criminal statutes, many personal injuries resulting from these incidents can also be charged under civil law to receive compensation for a victim’s injuries.
  • Medical malpractice.The doctor-patient relationship creates a duty of care that the medical professional must uphold to the patient. When the established medical standard of care is not met, and a patient suffers an injury due to the negligence of the doctor, nurse, medical professional or medical facility, the patient may be able to obtain compensation for their injuries.
  • Misdiagnosis.Misdiagnosis is a subset of medical malpractice. If a doctor either diagnoses a patient incorrectly or does not diagnose a medical condition that they have, when a reasonable medical professional would have made the correct diagnosis, the patient may have the right to sue for compensation if the misdiagnosis resulted in injury.
  • Slip and fall accidentsProperty owners, business owners, landlords, and even homeowners have a duty to make their premises safe for visitors, guests, employees, tenants, and customers. If the property owner does not keep the property safe from dangers and hazards, and someone slips, trips, or falls and suffers personal injuries, the property owner can be held liable, and the victim may be able to recover damages.
  • Construction accidents.The construction industry can be inherently dangerous, however, employers and other third parties have the responsibility to ensure safe working conditions for their employees. If a worker is injured on the job due to negligence, they may be able to receive compensation for their injuries.
  • Birth injury to either the mother or child.Birth injuries are common and result from the negligence or carelessness of a health care provider during labor and delivery. If the health care provider directly caused injuries to either the mother or infant due to negligence during the delivery process, the victim may have the right to file a claim and receive compensation for those injuries, or wrongful death.
  • Dangerous drugs. A defective or dangerous drug can be released and prescribed to patients. Oftentimes, in these cases, a large class-action lawsuit will be held to compensate all of the victims that were personally injured due to the unsafe drug that was not created according to established medical safety standards.

While this list is not exhaustive, all of these cases will center around someone else’s negligence. The common thread in all personal injury cases is that a person suffered an injury, damages, or harm they would not have otherwise suffered due to the negligence of someone else, or some other entity.

Proving a Personal Injury Case

In order to help you receive compensation for your personal injury case, we must be able to prove four criteria:


  • Duty of Care. In all of the above cases, a person (or entity) had a duty of care to another person. A doctor had a responsibility to provide appropriate medical care to a patient, a property owner had a responsibility to ensure the premises was safe to a customer, or a dog owner had a responsibility to prevent their dog from hurting their guests.



  • Breach of Duty. To prove a personal injury case, we must prove that the duty of care owed to you by another person was breached. For example, the doctor misdiagnosed you, the property owner had unsafe hazards in the aisles of a store, or the dog owner did not control and contain his pet. 



  • Causation. We must be able to prove that your personal injury was a direct result of the breach of duty described above. The breach of duty caused your personal injuries or damages. 



  • Damages. You must have suffered actual damages, either physically, mentally, or financially as a direct result of someone else’s negligence in order to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Personal injury law can be complex and confusing. Visiting with a personal injury lawyer at Cordisco & Saile LLC at 215-642-2335 can help you understand and build your personal injury claim.

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Statute of Limitations

The law requires that you file a personal injury claim by a certain deadline. In Pennsylvania, you must file your personal injury lawsuit within two years of the date of the injury. While this may seem like a long time, the process can be challenging and the sooner we begin working on your case, the more we can develop a strong and accurate case to help you receive the compensation you are owed. 

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer Near Northeast Philadelphia

If you have suffered any kind of personal injury due to someone else’s negligence, recklessness, or carelessness, you may have the right to compensation for your injuries, medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. We have multiple offices in Bucks County close to Northeast Philly and welcome an opportunity to discuss and build your personal injury case. Contact a personal injury lawyer near Northeast Philadelphia today at Cordisco & Saile LLC at 215-642-2335.

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