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An accident can happen at any time and to anyone, and accidents occur in many ways. Slips and falls, medical errors, vehicle accidents, accidental poisoning, drowning, suffocation, and machinery malfunctions, millions of accidents happen every year. Many more likely go unreported. All told, accidents cost Americans billions in lost productivity, medical costs, insurance administration overheads, property damage, legal expenses, and lost wages every year.

If you were involved in an accident or suffered injuries or damages because of the actions of someone else, you may have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. In certain circumstances, such as unsafe workplace accidents or poor lighting leading to a slip and fall, even the negligent inaction of a party that owed you a duty of care and had a responsibility of providing you with safe environment can be grounds for filing a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault party.

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The Far-Reaching Consequences of Accidents

Unintentional injuries led to 39.5 million physician visits, 29.4 million ER visits, 169,936 accidental deaths, and billions in medical care and treatment costs according to data from 2016 and 2017 from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If we look at another common category of accidents—vehicle collisions—roughly six million reported vehicle accidents occur every year at a cost of billions, per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

In aggregate, these numbers are significant, but for individuals and families, the impact of a single accident can be devastating. A vehicle accident can cost over $3,000 for a single ER visit and almost $60,000 in hospitalization costs throughout the victim’s lifetime. Traffic fatalities can lead to even higher losses. Other accident types can be just as severe, with accidental poisonings, slips and falls, amputations, spinal cord injuries, and other accident types forever changing the lives of the victims.

If you were involved in an accident or were hurt in some way by someone else, you should investigate the case to identify who was at fault for the accident and whether you can seek financial compensation and damages from the at-fault party. An injury attorney in Northeast Philadelphia with Cordisco & Saile LLC may be able to assist you with this process. Call (215) 642-2335 today for a free case review. 

Examples of Personal Injuries

We have mentioned a few examples of accidents and the personal injuries that they cause. Here are important details on the three most common types of accidents that occur. For each accident type, we have outlined the size of the problem, common causes, and how liability may be determined for each case.


  • Size of the problem: Accidental poisonings killed 73,990 people in 2017. Of all preventable accidental deaths, accidental poisonings kill more people than all other accident types combined except for motor vehicle deaths.
  • Common causes: Medication and drug overdoses, prescription issues, and the accidental ingestion of dangerous substances can lead to accidental poisoning.
  • Liability: Healthcare providers, nursing home staff, parents of small children, and product manufacturers may be liable for poisoning cases involving prescription errors, dosage errors, a failure to safely store harmful substances, or a failure to properly label poisons.

Vehicle Accidents

  • Size of the problem: Vehicle accidents killed 40,231 people in the United States in 2017 and hospitalized hundreds of thousands more. Accidents involving trucks, passenger vehicles, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians are included in these figures.
  • Common causes: Driver negligence—driving while drowsy, intoxicated, or distracted, or overspeeding or driving recklessly—as well as poor signage, damaged roads, bad weather, slippery roads, and poor vehicle maintenance.
  • Liability: A negligent driver, a vehicle owner, a vehicle service technician, a road repair crew, or a municipal office may be liable for a vehicle accident depending on how the accident was caused.

Slips and Falls

  • Size of the problem: 36,338 people were killed in fall accidents in the United States in 2017, and millions more—especially older individualsؙ—were hospitalized or treated for fall injuries.
  • Common causes: Cluttered walkways, poor lighting, unstable or uneven surfaces, slippery surfaces, and poor signage can lead to a slip and fall accident.
  • Liability:  A construction site owner, a business owner, a maintenance crew, or the owner or operator of premises where a slip and fall accident occurred may be liable for the victim’s injuries.

Personal Injury Examples

Common injuries seen in personal injury cases include the following.

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Spinal cord injury (SCI)
  • Nerve, muscle, tendon, or tissue damage
  • Eye and dental injuries
  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Disfigurement and scarring
  • Amputations, paralysis, incapacitation, or death

Many less-common injuries can also occur from accidents, such as hazardous chemical burns, respiratory injuries from inhaling dangerous fumes, and mental anguish from traumatic events. These injuries can vary in degree as well. For example, head injuries can range from a mild concussion to a severe and permanent brain injury. Similarly, spinal cord injuries can range from mild, such as a pinched or stretched nerve, to severe, such as ruptured or torn nerves that lead to paralysis.

Depending on how you were afflicted with your injuries, the extent of the injuries, the insurance coverage you have, and the parties responsible for the accident, there may be multiple sources from where you can seek compensation for your injuries. Our injury attorney in Northeast Philadelphia can help you identify compensable injury types and the coverage limits of your insurance policy.

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