Personal injury lawyer in Plymouth Meeting

We want to hear your story if you were injured due to the negligence of another party. Our personal injury lawyers in Plymouth Meeting can file your claim or lawsuit, communicate with the involved parties, and fight for compensation on your behalf. 

Cordisco & Saile LLC has decades of experience when it comes to advocating for victims of negligence and their families. You can begin a free case review with our team today. 

Things you can share with us during your free case review 

You can share your account of events with us today. We want to hear about:  

  • How your accident happened 
  • The details surrounding your injuries 
  • The cost of your damages
  • What you expect from the legal process 

We also want to know how long ago your accident happened, since it may be subject to the state’s statute of limitations. 

Examples of our personal injury practice areas 

Some of our team’s practice areas include: 

Car accidents 

We can determine the cause of your accident and pursue compensation from the negligent motorist. Pennsylvania follows comparative negligence rules, meaning that your role in the accident could affect the amount of money you can request. 

We can analyze the accident report, interview witnesses, and consult accident reconstruction specialists to learn who caused your accident. 

Truck accidents 

We could hold the trucking company, their drivers, and other related parties responsible for your losses. In this situation, we can manage communications with these entities and determine the value of your losses. 

Motorcycle accidents 

All road users have a duty of care to one another. If you were hurt by a negligent driver, we can hold them accountable for your injury-related expenses, including the cost of replacing your motorcycle. 

Workplace accidents 

If you suffered an on-the-job accident, you could have multiple financial recovery options. Some of these options include: 

  • Filing a workers’ compensation claim 
  • Filing an insurance claim with a third party 
  • Filing a lawsuit 

While you generally cannot sue your employer, we can explain whether this could be an option in your case. 

Slip and falls 

All property owners have an obligation to keep visitors safe. If you fell on another party’s property, we can work to prove that they owed you a duty of care and should pay for your losses. 

Nursing home abuse and neglect 

If you entrusted your loved one to a long-term care facility that did not put your loved one’s health and safety first, you could pursue compensation from them. To prove your case, we can visit the nursing home, interview other residents, and examine their medical records. 

These are just a few examples of our practice areas. We also handle: 

  • Defective drug cases 
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Wrongful death

Once we learn about your situation, we can get started pursuing compensation for you immediately. 

The kinds of damages you could recover in a personal injury case 

Your injuries and quality of life will factor into the value of your damages. Our personal injury lawyers in Plymouth Meeting could fight to recoup financial recovery for the following: 

  • The cost of treating and stabilizing your condition
  • Lost income, bonuses, and tips from the time you missed from work 
  • Your lost future earning power 
  • Lost quality of life 
  • The cost of replacing or repairing damaged property 
  • The cost of living with a lifelong disability 
  • Scarring and disfigurement, if your injuries will affect your appearance 

If you lost a loved one due to negligence, you could be eligible for the following: 

  • Loss of consortium 
  • Funeral and burial expenses 
  • Loss of parental guidance 
  • Your loved one’s necessary medical treatment 

You could recover the cost of other losses not included here. You can ask us about your case when you connect with us during your free case review. 

Two things to know about the financial recovery process 

The financial recovery process does not need to be complicated with us on your side. We want you to fully understand your legal options. Some things that we want to share with you about the legal process include that: 

You will need to prove negligence in your personal injury case 

To recover compensation for your damages, you must prove: 

  • Another person or organization had a duty of care toward you. 
  • The other party did not uphold their duty of care. 
  • Your accident was caused by the other party, and you were hurt. 
  • Your accident and injuries resulted in financial losses. 

These four elements apply to most personal injury cases––except product liability cases. In these instances, you only need to prove that you were injured due to the faulty product in question. 

You must file your lawsuit before the statute of limitations runs out

If we need to pursue compensation in court to resolve your case, we must do so before the state’s statute of limitations expires. How long you have to file will depend on the details of your case, including when you were hurt or lost a loved one. 

You only need to worry about your injuries with us on your side 

Cordisco & Saile LLC is ready to begin advocating for you and your family today. We can: 

  • Negotiate a settlement 
  • Calculate the cost of your injury-related losses 
  • Prove who (or what) caused your accident 
  • Handle your case’s filing and paperwork 
  • Talk to the involved parties and their lawyers 
  • File your case before the statute of limitations expires 
  • Establish negligence (or strict liability) 

We work on a contingency-fee basis. We do not charge hourly rates, retainers, or upfront fees. We take payment for our help from your settlement––and only if we resolve your case. 

Call today for a free consultation with our legal team 

Call Cordisco & Saile LLC today at (215) 642-2335. Our personal injury lawyers in Plymouth Meeting can take your case off your shoulders. Your time to act may be limited, so we encourage you to connect with our staff today.