Talc Powder Cases

Talc powder—or talcum powder—is the major ingredient in baby powder. This product has been in use for decades throughout the U.S. Many people use talc powder when changing a baby’s diaper. The product also sees many other uses around the home.

Unfortunately, the use of talc powder could have a serious impact on your well-being. There may be a link between talc powder and the development of certain forms of cancer. If you believe that the use of talc powder negatively impacted your health, you may want to contact the team at Cordisco & Saile LLC. We may be able to help you go over information about talc powder cases.

The Basis for Talc Powder Cases

Talc powder has been in use throughout the U.S. for decades. During this time, manufacturers of talc powder promoted their product as safe and harmless. However, recent studies and inquiries have revealed some concerning information about talc powder.

Concerns about talc powder often involve the risks associated with exposure to asbestos. Talc and asbestos are both minerals. These minerals are often found very close to one another in the earth. This proximity has led to concerns that the asbestos could contaminate the talc during mining.

Companies that produce talc powder—like Johnson & Johnson—have claimed for decades that their products did not contain asbestos. However, recent information gathered from internal memos and tests implies that the company had some concerns regarding asbestos contamination.

However, contamination with asbestos is not the only source of concern in talc powder cases. Many of these cases argue that talc powder is capable of causing some forms of cancer—primarily ovarian—even without contamination from asbestos.

The History of Talc Powder Cases in the U.S.

As we mentioned, there have been concerns regarding the usage of talc powder for decades in the U.S. These concerns only came to a head in 2013 when a plaintiff won an ovarian cancer lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson in the federal court system. Since then, there have been many additional lawsuits.

Many of these lawsuits involve awards of millions of dollars to plaintiffs. In fact, in 2018, a jury in Missouri awarded 22 women $4.69 billion after receiving a diagnosis of ovarian cancer. There are many additional lawsuits currently pending in different states.

However, not all talc powder cases end in the plaintiff’s favor. Sometimes, the company wins the case. Additionally, Johnson & Johnson has promised to appeal many of the verdicts against them. If you believe you may have experienced an injury due to talc powder, you may want to get legal help handling your claim by contacting Cordisco & Saile LLC. You may reach us by calling (215) 642-2335.

Outcomes of Talc Powder Cases in the U.S.

As we have mentioned, many plaintiffs in talc powder cases in the U.S. have received compensation through a court award. These cases have also impacted the way that companies like Johnson & Johnson do business. For example, in 2019, Johnson & Johnson voluntarily recalled a single lot of baby powder after discovering trace evidence of asbestos contamination.

The changes did not stop there. As of May of 2020, Johnson & Johnson has decided to end all sales of talc-based baby powder in North America. Note that Johnson & Johnson is not the only company to produce talc powder products. You may look for similar responses from companies like:

  • Vanderbilt Minerals
  • Colgate-Palmolive
  • Imerys Talc America

These companies also face talc powder cancer lawsuits, though they are not facing as many legal actions as Johnson & Johnson.

Eligibility for Talc Powder Cases

You may be wondering if you are eligible to file a talc powder case. You may be able to seek compensation if you:

  • Developed ovarian cancer
  • After using baby powder
  • For a significant amount of time

Generally, talc powder cases involve individuals who used baby powder daily over a period of years. Note that not all uses of talc powder may lead to ovarian cancer. The individuals who developed this form of cancer generally used baby powder on the perineal area of their body.

You may also be eligible to file a talc powder lawsuit if you developed mesothelioma after exposure to baby powder. Mesothelioma is a form of cancer specifically caused by asbestos exposure. Contaminated talc powder could cause you to develop this kind of cancer.

Compensation for Talc Powder Cases

You may be able to seek compensation through the legal system if you developed mesothelioma or ovarian cancer after using talc powder. In order to get compensation, you may want to work with a legal professional. Your lawyer may be able to assess the specifics of your case to determine if you could get compensation for your:

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages and lost earning potential
  • Pain and suffering

In many cases, ovarian cancer and mesothelioma may be deadly. Some talc powder lawsuits have awarded compensation to the family of individuals who lost their lives to cancers caused by the usage of baby powder. If you lost a loved one, you may be able to pursue a talc powder case.

Note that there are also a number of class-action lawsuits currently proceeding against Johnson & Johnson and other companies. You may be able to join one of these lawsuits if you have developed mesothelioma or ovarian cancer. Find out more by reaching out to a legal professional who understands talc powder cases.

Focus on Building a Talc Powder Case Now

Take charge of your future if you developed cancer after using talc powder. You may be able to seek compensation for your healthcare costs by focusing on a talc powder case. Start getting answers to your legal questions by contacting Cordisco & Saile LLC. You may reach us today to get a legal consultation.

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