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Prescription drugs should make our lives better. When we are sick or in pain, doctors prescribe these drugs and pharmacists dose them out to cure the illness or at least make our symptoms more manageable. As doctors and pharmacists are some of the most educated professionals in the country, we should feel safe and confident taking what our prescribed medication. Even before drugs make it to the pharmacy, they face an additional level of scrutiny. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) studies the safety and efficacy of all drugs before approving them.

Despite all of this, many Americans suffer harm every year from the drugs their doctors prescribe. If you suffered an injury after taking a dangerous or defective drug, you deserve compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. But for this to happen, you have to convince the drug company to admit its mistake—something they are not typically eager to do. Add to this challenge the fact drug companies have huge legal teams and seemingly unlimited financial resources, and facing off against them can feel like stepping into the ring with the heavyweight champion. On your own, you face little to no chance of success.

That is where the experts at Cordisco & Saile LLC come in. Our attorneys have fought and won compensation for many clients with dangerous and defective drugs cases. We can put our resources and track record of success to work for you. You should not have to suffer because of someone else’s mistake. Our attorneys will protect your rights so you can recover and spend time with your family.

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What Are Defective and Dangerous Drugs?

You have probably heard the terms “defective drug” and “dangerous drug” before. But if you are like most people, before you became a victim, you did not give much thought as to what the terms mean. You might not even be aware at this point whether the drug you took was defective or dangerous. Here are the differences between the two terms.

Defective Drugs

A defective drug is one that is safe when manufactured according to the proper protocol. It becomes defective when something goes wrong in the process of producing, transporting, or storing the drug.

Many prescription drugs contain substances that are powerful at fighting disease. These substances are also unstable, meaning certain environmental changes can cause them to morph into something else. Often, that other substance they morph into can be dangerous. That is why you frequently see strict instructions telling you to store drugs at a certain temperature, away from sunlight and humidity, and so forth.

If a drug is improperly stored during transportation from the lab to the pharmacy, it can degrade into a defective product. An error in the manufacturing process can also cause a harmful defect in a drug.

We do a full investigation into the circumstances of your injury. We look for proof that the drug you took was defective due to manufacturer liability and we use this evidence to pursue the maximum compensation you need to recover.

Dangerous Drugs

Dangerous drugs are those that have inherent safety risks. It could be because the FDA missed something when evaluating the drug. It could also be that the drug is safe for some people, but dangerous for others based on pre-existing medical conditions or interactions with other medications. That is why it is so important for doctors and pharmacists to have a full understanding of a person’s medical background before dispensing any new medication.

If you suffered harm after taking a dangerous drug, we will look into the circumstances surrounding your case. We will determine who mistakenly prescribed the dangerous drug that caused your injury. Then, we will gather evidence proving their liability and pursue them for damages.

We Pursue All Compensation for Which You Are Eligible in a Dangerous and Defective Drug Case.

You could be eligible for several different types of compensation. We aggressively pursue all of them.

Medical Bills

We pursue compensation for both your current and expected future medical bills. These might include hospital stays, surgery, medication, medical devices, therapy, and rehabilitation.

Lost Wages and Reduced Earning Capacity

We seek damages for both your current lost wages during your recovery period and future lost wages due to reduced earning capacity. If your injuries are severe enough to limit the kind of work you can do going forward, you are eligible for compensation for those losses.

Pain and Suffering

The law allows for damages to compensate you for any pain and suffering you experienced after taking the drug. Because this is a subjective area, it is important for you to have the most skilled and aggressive lawyer who can successfully argue for the biggest settlement. We have helped our clients win significant compensation for pain and suffering in cases like this. We take the time to listen to the pain they have endured and make sure we request fair compensation for it.

Punitive Damages

Another thing we look for when investigating your case is evidence that the responsible party’s actions went beyond negligence and constituted a wanton disregard for your safety. If we can prove this, we can win you punitive damages on top of all the other compensation you deserve.

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