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A vehicle collision between a standard automobile and a semi-truck can have devastating consequences, particularly for the driver and passengers in the automobile. The aftermath of a truck accident often includes lengthy hospital stays, possible surgery, intensive therapy and rehabilitation (often lasting for months or even years), time away from work, reduced earning capacity, and extreme pain and suffering.

All this can amount to a heavy burden — physically, emotionally, and financially — on both you and your loved ones. But you do not need to handle this alone. A truck accident lawyer in Trevose from Cordisco & Saile LLC can help you recover the compensation you and your family need to pay medical bills and cover your lost wages. We know all the tactics the insurance companies use to get out of paying what they should — and we know how to fight them.

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From whom can I recover compensation?

Do you know who was responsible for your truck accident? Perhaps you think it was the driver of the truck. Maybe the police report says you were partially or fully at fault. Regardless of your initial impressions, there could be more responsible parties than you realize. And even if you indeed share in the responsibility, that does not necessarily prevent you from being eligible to win compensation from others.

Once we take your case, our first job is to conduct a thorough investigation into your truck accident. We dig into all the details, talk to witnesses, review photos or video if available, read the police reports, and consult with expert witnesses, until we have a vivid picture of exactly what happened. That lets us identify everyone who might be responsible. Then, we use the evidence we gathered to start building a case against those parties and pursue them for damages.

The Truck Driver

There is a good chance the truck driver bears responsibility for the accident. We can show liability by demonstrating the driver was engaged in any of the following actions leading up to the crash:

  • Exceeding the speed limit
  • Driving while intoxicated by alcohol or drugs
  • Distracted driving(e.g., texting)
  • Disregarding a traffic control device
  • Following too closely
  • Driving recklessly

We also obtain the driver's log book. Drivers must record when they are driving, when they are resting, when their truck receives maintenance, and so forth. If the log book is behind or missing information, or if it shows the driver was not in compliance with the law, we may be able to use it to show liability.

The Trucking Company

Trucking companies are responsible for the actions of their drivers while at work through a law called vicarious liability. That means if we can prove the driver was partially or fully responsible, we can also go after the trucking company. This is a benefit for you, as trucking companies typically have a lot more money to go after than individual drivers.


If a defective part in your car or the truck contributed to the accident, we might have a case against the manufacturer of that part. In fact, the law does not even require us to show that the manufacturer was negligent in producing the defective part and bringing it to market. Instead, we must show that you were using the vehicle (and, by extension, the constituent part) responsibly and that its defect resulted in your accident and injuries.

What evidence do I need to prove the other party’s negligence?

To hold another party liable for your truck accident, you need the generic evidence we mentioned above (e.g., eyewitness statements, photos, the police report, etc.); however, you likely also need other types of evidence such as hours of service logs, maintenance reports, drug and alcohol test results, and the truck itself.

It can be almost impossible for the average person to collect this evidence because it is in the hands of the trucking company. Even worse, the trucking company can legally destroy much of this evidence after a given period. To ensure the trucking company preserves and hands over this evidence, we will determine what evidence we need and send a letter of spoliation immediately.

What is my truck accident worth?

Without knowing the details of the crash or your injuries, it is difficult to estimate a dollar figure. But we go after several forms of compensation, including:

Medical bills: We seek payment for both your current medical bills and those we anticipate you to incur in the future. This includes hospital stays, surgery, physical and occupational therapy, medical devices, and more. Sometimes, a severe truck injury necessitates a lifetime of medical care. If so, we see to it that the responsible party, not you, foots the bill for this care.

Lost wages and reduced earning capacity: We pursue compensation for the wages you do not receive while recovering from your injury, as well as those you might forfeit due to reduced work capacity from your injury.

Property damage: We seek compensation for your vehicle damage and damage to any other personal items in the accident.

Pain and suffering: We also pursue monetary damages for pain and suffering. Though difficult to quantify in dollar terms, pain and suffering are often the worst effects of a truck accident, and you deserve compensation for the pain, suffering, inconvenience, and mental anguish the accident has put you through.

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