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A work injury can cause more than physical pain. It can create a severe financial burden and put a lot of stress on your family.

You might be wondering how you will pay for your mounting medical bills or if you can afford the therapy and rehabilitation you need to make a full recovery. Your injury could be forcing you to miss work and lose income, but that does not mean bills stop coming. It can even affect your ability to continue at your job, perhaps permanently. All these swirling questions can leave you wondering what to do and where to turn.

At Cordisco & Saile LLC, our skilled, experienced attorneys specialize in work injury claims. We have helped many injured clients win big settlements. Our knowledge, experience, and vast resources can be a significant asset to your case.

There could be thousands, even millions of dollars at stake in your work injury case. Do not risk it by going with just any injury lawyer. Trust the team with a proven track record of success. We give you the legal firepower you need to take on any employer, insurer, or third party—big or small. We do not collect a fee until we win compensation for you. Call 215-642-2335 today for a free consultation with a work injury lawyer in Trevose.

Does it matter how my work injury occurred?

No matter how your work injury occurred, our attorneys fight for the money you deserve. We have recovered compensation for clients who suffered injuries after a variety of work-related accidents, including:

In no way, however, is this list exhaustive. Come talk to us regardless of your injury type. At the very least, we can answer your questions and offer advice on how to proceed.

What types of injuries are eligible for damages?

Workplace injuries not only cost a lot of money to treat, but they can also hinder your ability to continue in your line of work. Winning compensation is critical for maintaining your quality of life. That is why our attorneys relentlessly pursue the maximum in damages for all of the following common workplace injuries.

Head Injuries

The brain cannot recover from injuries as well as most areas of the body. That is why head injuries are so severe and often result in long-term damage and disability.

Spinal Injuries

The spine sends signals from your brain throughout your body. These signals control speech, movement, and bodily functions. Damage to the spine or spinal column can be debilitating.

Repetitive Stress

Repeatedly performing the same motion can cause wear on muscles and joints over time. The damage can become so severe that it prevents you from doing your job.

Mental Injuries

A traumatizing injury at work has the potential to cause lasting mental damage. You might develop a fear of returning to work or performing the job that caused your injury. Some victims of work injuries even show signs of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Even if your injury does not appear on this list, contact our office today. We can help you win compensation for your suffering.

How can a lawyer help me win compensation after a work injury?

In the vast majority of situations, we do one or both of two things:

  • File a workers' compensation claim against your employer; or
  • File a third-party claim against any responsible party other than your employer.

Workers' Compensation Claims

Workers' compensation is a type of insurance designed to replace injured employees' wages and benefits. In theory, it protects both the injured worker and the employer. The worker gets a designated place to turn for compensation after an injury, while the employer—if they have paid their premiums—does not have to face lawsuits from injured employees.

If your employer is in good standing with workers' compensation, then we must take that route to seek damages from them for your injury. We would not be able to file an independent suit against them for damages.

As mentioned, workers' compensation is a simplified way for injured workers to get paid. Sometimes, though, it is not cut and dry. Employers and their insurance carriers are only supposed to deny claims under very specific situations. For instance, if the injured employee was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or they intended to harm themselves or someone else with their actions, they are not eligible for workers’ compensation.

That said, employers and insurers often deny claims for questionable reasons. That is why, before you make a claim, you need to secure strong legal representation. Our attorneys have seen it all and are ready for anything. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your injury, we will fight for your benefits.

Third-Party Claims

Your employer might not be the only party responsible for your injury. We will investigate your case and gather evidence to uncover all parties that potentially bear liability. If a non-employer third party is partly or fully responsible, we can pursue a separate claim against them.

There are many situations where we can hold a third-party liable for your damages. For example:

  • Ifyour injury occurred due to using a defective product at work, we can seek damages from the manufacturer;
  • If a contractor or subcontractor failed to provide a safe working environment that was reasonably free of hazards, we can pursue compensation from them; and
  • If you suffered an injury due to a hazard on the site itself, the owner of your employer's facilities could bear liability.

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