Truck Accident Lawyer in Northeast Philadelphia

A truck crashed into a Northeast Philadelphia home in January 2022, sending two people to the hospital, as Fox29 reports. Not every truck crash is this dramatic, but even an ordinary truck accident can end with serious injuries or loss of life. The bills and loss of income after a truck accident are more than many families can handle.

If you were hurt or lost a family member in a truck accident, you may be unable to work, feel emotionally and physically drained, and face overwhelming medical bills. If the accident was not your fault, you may be able to recover financial compensation known as damages from the at-fault or liable party. A truck accident lawyer in Northeast Philadelphia with Cordisco & Saile LLC may be able to help.

Negligence and Liability in a Truck Accident Case

Some accidents are simply accidents, with no one really to blame. But other accidents are directly caused by one or more parties’ negligence. Negligence is reckless or careless behavior that disregards others’ safety. When one party’s negligence leads to an accident, that party is liable for any accident-related expenses.

There are several potentially liable parties in a truck accident. Our attorney will investigate your Northeast Philadelphia accident and identify one or more responsible parties and help you seek damages from each one. Here are some parties that may be at fault in a truck accident:

Truck Drivers

Truck drivers are under a lot of pressure to meet deadlines, and that pressure may push them to make poor driving choices. When trying to make an on-time delivery, drivers may speed, follow other vehicles too closely, ignore current weather conditions, and more. Drivers may also drive more hours than the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) legally allows, putting them at risk of falling asleep at the wheel.

When it comes to drinking and driving, truck drivers face more stringent regulations than others. For example, while most states define driving under the influence of alcohol as a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08, the FMCSA requires commercial truck drivers to have a BAC of 0.04 or lower. Unfortunately, truck drivers may disregard this requirement and drink before driving, which can cause an accident.

Trucking Company

Even though the trucking company is not present at the scene of the accident, it can be held responsible for it. Trucking companies must follow strict regulations concerning their personnel and trucks, but some companies disregard these regulations to increase profits.

  • Truck drivers: Trucking companies are supposed to show care when hiring and supervising truck drivers. The company should run background checks on its drivers, properly train them, conduct drug and alcohol testing, check driver logbooks, and ensure that drivers follow the rules concerning hours on the road. Companies that skip these steps or fail to enforce the rules may be liable for a truck accident.
  • Truck maintenance: Companies must regularly check their trucks to make sure they are in good running condition. They must make repairs promptly when needed. Poorly maintained brakes or other truck parts can cause an accident, and the company may be held responsible.

Truck Parts Manufacturers

Faulty parts can lead to truck accidents, and when they do, the manufacturer may be at fault. Defective or poorly designed brakes, tires, steering mechanisms, and fuel tanks are some of the most common sources of faulty parts that can lead to truck accidents.

Cargo Loading Companies

Cargo loading companies are responsible for the safe and secure loading of commercial trucks. An unsafe load can throw a truck off balance, making it hard for the driver to control the truck. The truck may have difficulty slowing down or stopping, causing it to hit another car or stationary object. In other cases, the load may spill, covering the roadway and leading to multi-car accidents. Loading companies may be liable in these situations.

Damages Available in a Northeast Philadelphia Truck Accident Case

You need to know how much your case is worth so that you can seek the full value of your losses. You may be able to recover damages for:

  • Medical expenses, such as emergency treatment, follow-up care, surgeries, rehabilitative therapies, medical equipment, prescription medications, and more
  • Lost income for any unpaid time you must take off from work to recover from the accident
  • Lost or reduced earning capacity if you cannot return to work because of your injuries
  • Property damage for your vehicle’s repair or replacement
  • Emotional trauma if you develop a mental health condition, such as anxiety or depression, because of the accident
  • Physical pain and suffering if you suffer from chronic pain, require a long treatment or multiple surgeries, become permanently disabled
  • Reduced quality of life if your injuries keep you from engaging in hobbies or activities you once enjoyed, make it hard for you to leave the house, prevent you from socializing, or reduce your quality of life in other ways

Our lawyer with Cordisco & Saile LLC will identify your total losses, gather evidence supporting our estimate, and help you seek compensation from the responsible party or parties.

Working with a Lawyer May Help Your PA Truck Accident Case

While you can seek damages from the liable party or parties on your own, unless you have legal experience, you may not know where to start. You could file a lawsuit or settle with the insurance provider out of court, but you may not know which options suit you best or how much money your case is worth. Our personal injury lawyer serving Northeast Philadelphia can help you with these questions and more.

Our lawyer will:

  • Investigate your truck accident
  • Estimate the value of your damages
  • Identify one or more liable parties
  • File a claim with the insurance company for each liable party
  • Negotiate a settlement
  • File a lawsuit on your behalf

Cordisco & Saile LLC Can Represent You

At Cordisco & Saile LLC, our team represents people like you who have been victimized by another party’s negligence. Our attorney will work hard to get you full compensation for your losses after a truck accident in Northeast Philadelphia. Call our office today at (215) 642-2335 for a free case consultation. Because we work on contingency, you pay nothing unless we win your case.