Hiring a Truck Accident Lawyer | Philadelphia

Hundreds of trucks drive across the many highways throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey every day, especially the PA Turnpike, the NJ Turnpike, I-95, Route 1, Route 13 (Bristol Pike), and Route 29.  Even on non-highways – roads such as, Street Road in Bensalem and Warminster, County Line Road, Jacksonville Road, Second Street Pike, Oxford Valley Road, and Route 611 – there is a significant amount of truck traffic.  Bucks County personal injury lawyer Michael L. Saile, Jr. reminds drivers to always use the driver safety skills you were (or should have been) taught for sharing the road with big trucks in order to avoid being involved in a truck accident: 


  • Never cut in front of a truck – it takes a lot for a truck to stop suddenly due to its weight.
  • Do not remain situated next to a truck for a long period of time – you can get lost in the truck driver’s blind spot.
  • When possible, pass a truck on the left because its blind spot is reduced on the left.
  • Before passing a truck, make sure you can see the whole front of the truck before you maneuver in front of the truck. Complete your pass quickly.
  • Keep a safe distance between you and a truck – 10 car lengths in front and 20 car lengths behind.
  • Make sure you can be seen by the truck driver. If you can’t see a truck’s side mirrors, you are in the truck’s blindspot, which is NOT a safe place to be if the trucker decides to change lanes.



Truck Accidents Are Caused by Any Number of Factors


It is important as a driver to be alert to large, high-speeding trucks traveling with you on our local roads because truck driver’s, too, are prone to driver error.  There are incidents of drowsy driving, texting while driving, reckless driving, and improper maintenance of vehicle associated with many Philadelphia area truck accidents. Poor weather conditions and sun glare are also often cited as reasons for truck accidents.  So, the most important safety rule to remember is keep your distance.  If you practice this good driving habit, even if a truck is in distress of some sort, such as a tire blow-out, you will likely not be in harm’s way.

Trucks are very powerful vehicles.  Therefore, truck accidents involving another vehicle can be gravely serious and even fatal.  Truck accidents also often involve a lot of evidence gathering, which is why it is important to act quickly. The accident injury lawyers at Cordisco & Saile LLC in lower Buck County help truck accident victims. If you or a loved one as been hurt in an accident involving a truck seek help right away – both medical and legal.  Contact us if you have any questions or want to discuss your case.  Order a copy of our FREE PA Car Accident Book.  It’s valuable information at your fingertips!