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Severe bodily injuries can take a long time to heal. In many cases, time alone is not enough. Some serious injuries require extensive medical care to return you to a reasonable quality of life.

This medical care is rarely inexpensive. For many injury victims, the sudden and overwhelming burden of medical debt can turn their finances upside down. This is especially true for those who are too injured to return to work.

If you are dealing with the consequences of a serious injury, an Allentown injury lawyer from Cordisco & Saile LLC is ready to help. With the right legal counsel, you could pursue an injury claim against the at-fault party. To get started, call 215-642-2335 to participate in a free case consultation with our law firm.

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    Types of Personal Injury Claims Our Lawyers Handle

    Our attorneys can assist you with any type of personal injury claim you may be facing. If you suffered serious injuries through no fault of your own, we can identify the at-fault party and assist you in holding them accountable. We are experienced in handling an array of personal injury cases to include:

    Motor Vehicle Accidents

    One of the most common types of personal injury cases is a motor vehicle accident. These cases can involve collisions between cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, and even pedestrians. Any act of negligence that results in a traffic accident could lead to a claim for compensation. These cases not only cover the negligence of other motorists, they could also involve mistakes made by parts manufacturers or even government entities.

    Have you suffered an injury?

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    Slip and Fall Accidents

    A slip, trip, and fall injury has the potential for serious repercussions. While not all slip and fall injuries are severe, many falls can have life-threatening consequences. This is true when a fall occurs from a great height or when the injury victim lands on their head or neck.

    Slip and fall cases can proceed against any property owner or operator that fails to address a hazard in a reasonable manner. These falls could occur in grocery stores, on a public sidewalk, or in the residence of an acquaintance.

    Defective Products

    Some products are so inherently dangerous that the manufacturer faces liability for the injuries they cause. These products can take many forms. Many dangerous products include commercial items like cleaning agents or heavy machinery. These claims can involve consumer goods also. Some examples of defective products include children’s toys, medication, or kitchen appliances.

    Not every dangerous product will lead to a successful personal injury claim. A plaintiff must show that they used the product for its intended purpose. They must also link their injuries directly to the defect.

    Medical Malpractice

    When a doctor, nurse, or other medical professional makes a mistake, the results can have a devastating effect on a patient. Medical malpractice can take many forms. It can include surgical errors, mistakes during diagnosis, or the failure to treat an ailment entirely.

    Nursing Home Abuse

    Neglect and abuse are unfortunately common. These acts can result in physical, emotional, or financial trauma for the residents of nursing home facilities. An experienced injury lawyer could hold an abuser accountable for their actions through a civil lawsuit.

    An Attorney Can Help You with Resolving Your Injury Claim

    When you work with an Allentown injury lawyer, there are two ways they can resolve your case favorably. First, you could obtain a financial settlement for your injuries. Second, you could prevail at trial and recover a verdict in your favor.

    Most personal injury cases end through a negotiated financial settlement. Typically, the at-fault party offers money in exchange for the injury victim dropping their lawsuit or promising not to file one in the first place. While settlements are common, not every plaintiff recovers the full value of their claim. It takes hard work to obtain a fair settlement offer from the at-fault party or their insurance company. The best way to ensure you maximize your recovery is through building a strong case for liability. If you can show to the at-fault party that liability is clearly against them, they could be more likely to resolve the case amicably.

    Not all cases will end in settlement. Some defendants will stubbornly refuse to accept liability. Others might accept they are at fault for an injury but lack the resources to settle. No matter the reason, cases that do not conclude through settlement typically go to a jury trial.

    At trial, both sides will have the opportunity to make their case. If the jury sides with you at the end of the case, they could enter a verdict in your favor. While it is possible that a jury award could be more than the best settlement offer, recovering on these judgments is not always simple.

    Your attorney can advise you on whether or not a settlement offer is worth pursuing, or if it is in your best interest to go forward with a trial. If you have questions about what your claim may be worth, the attorneys at Cordisco & Saile LLC are ready to provide you with answers. To get started, call 215-642-2335 for a free consultation.

    Learn More About How an Injury Attorney in Allentown Can Help You During a Free Consultation Today

    Ultimately, the steps you take following your injury are up to you. If you choose to pursue an injury claim against the at-fault party, doing so with the guidance of a skilled Allentown injury attorney is in your best interest.

    At our law firm we never charge up-front legal fees. We take every case on a contingency basis. This means you only owe us a fee if we recover compensation on your behalf. In the rare cases where we are unable to obtain a monetary award for our clients, they never owe us a dime. This means you can pursue your injury claim confident that it will not result in large legal bills with no compensation to show for it.

    To get started with your claim or for more information, contact Cordisco & Saile LLC as soon as possible. Call 215-642-2335 for a free consultation today.

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