Permanent Disability | Disabling Injury | Pedestrian Accident Bristol

Pedestrian accidents have a significant risk of causing severe and disabling injuries. Oftentimes the impact of a permanent disability can be felt financially, physically and emotionally. When it was caused by the negligence of someone else, he or she can be held responsible for damages.

Types of Long-Term or Permanently Disabling Injuries Sustained in a Pedestrian Accident

Although any pedestrian can be severely hurt, young children and the elderly are especially at risk for a pedestrian accident and significant physical harm. No matter the victim, injuries to the pelvis and legs are common, especially in adults since the point of impact is oftentimes to the lower extremities.

Severe fractures of the pelvis, hips or legs can lead to numerous complications. For instance, if the bone penetrates the skin (compound fracture) it could result in an infection. Nerves or blood vessels may be damaged. Even a minor fracture can take a few weeks to heal, so when there are multiple breaks or the fractures are especially serious, it could take months or longer.

Injuries to the back can be debilitating and cause permanent disability. Common types of back injuries are compression of nerves in the spinal cord and fractured vertebra. If the spinal cord is damaged, there may be a loss of movement and sensation. Sometimes these symptoms are temporary and in other cases they are permanent.

Severe head injuries can lead to long-term or permanent disability, too, like:

  • skull fractures;
  • blood clots;
  • nerve damage; and
  • brain damage.


This can impact a variety of functions including memory, concentration, speech, walking, and more.

Consequences of a Long-Term or Permanent Disability

One consequence of a disabling injury is significant financial burden. Hospitalization, surgery, rehabilitation, and various types of therapies can easily run into the thousands, hundreds of thousands or even more. In addition, the person may be unable to work or may have to take a lesser-paying job.

Physically it can impact one’s ability to perform everyday tasks. Even simple things like eating and grooming can require great effort or assistance from a caregiver. Activities once enjoyed may no longer be a part of his/her life.

Disabling injuries oftentimes cause psychological harm as well. Life-altering changes such as having to rely on others, no longer being independent and out of work can cause emotional injuries such as depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder related to the accident itself.

Importance of Seeking Legal Advice When a Pedestrian Accident Causes Permanent Disability

Between escalating medical expenses, loss of income and other effects of a disabling injury, the best way to ensure an injured person gets the most out of his/her claim is to secure legal representation. It will be important to establish the other party’s negligence. But it’s also imperative that adequate evidence is collected in order to prove the severity and extent of injuries.

Don’t hesitate to talk with an attorney. At Cordisco & Saile LLC, we handle pedestrian cases and are very aware of the devastating consequences that victims and their families face when injuries result in long-term or permanent disability.