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Do I Have a Concussion?

If you have sustained a head injury and are exhibiting symptoms of a concussion, you must seek medical attention immediately.

Brain injury experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have listed several symptoms and observable behaviors that signify a possible concussion. Although you should never attempt to diagnose a concussion on your own, your answers to the questions in this survey can indicate a concussion.


If you believe you have a concussion:

1. Have you recently experienced an impact to the head or a sudden force or movement that strained your neck and spine (whiplash)?

2. Did you lose consciousness, even temporarily?

3. Are you experiencing new headaches or a sensation of pressure in your head?

4. Are you dizzy, nauseated, or vomiting?

5. Are you feeling lightheaded or having trouble balancing?

6. Are you sensitive to light or noise?

7. Are you experiencing a loss of sense of smell?

8. Are you experiencing disorientation, confusion, trouble concentrating, and/or remembering things?

9. Are you experiencing blurred, double vision, or loss of part of the field of vision?

10. Did you lose, at any point, the ability to move any part of your body?

11. Do you have ringing in your ears?

12. Are you feeling sluggish, foggy, or drowsy?

13. Are you sleeping more — or less — after an injury or accident?

14. Have you experienced any mood changes? (depressed, sad, irritable and/or anxious?)


If you are with someone who has sustained a head injury:

1. Do they know their name, where they are, what day it is, and what just happened?

2. Can they follow your finger motion with both eyes?

3. Are they answering questions slowly?

4. Are they experiencing weakness, numbness, or tingling anywhere?

5. Is their speech slurred?

6. Are their pupils the same size? Is one larger than the other?

7. Are they restless, agitated, or confused—or exhibiting other mood or behavior changes?

8. Can they recall events before or after a blow to the head?

9. Can they follow instructions?

10. Are their movements clumsy?

*Medical Disclaimer: While a free online concussion quiz can assess your condition and provide advice, this test should NOT be considered a diagnosis.  If you’ve ever experienced a head injury and think you might have a concussion, you should consult with a doctor or brain injury specialist as soon as possible.