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Average Traumatic Brain Injury Settlement

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Patient

If you or a family member suffered a traumatic brain injury due to the negligent actions of others, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your injuries. Cordisco & Saile, LLC has a successful track record negotiating fair traumatic brain injury settlements in Pennsylvania. When the medical bills are piling up, call our experienced personal injury attorneys to find out how we can help you reclaim your life.

What is an average settlement for a traumatic brain injury?

How much compensation you get for a traumatic brain injury settlement varies based on the unique circumstances of each situation and the severity of your injuries. However, based on our own settlement data the average brain injury settlement is between $700,000 to $1.2 millionEven mild brain injuries may result in compensation in the millions, while severe cases could end up with much higher awards. That’s why it’s important to consult a Pennsylvania brain injury lawyer who specializes in handling traumatic brain injury cases. 

At Cordisco & Saile, our results speak for themselves. We’ve recovered millions of dollars in traumatic brain injury settlements for our clients:

A traumatic brain injury diagnosis is often life-altering. Whether your injury was due to a car accident, fall, nursing home neglect, or assault, the results can lead to lifelong disability and financial strain. You may be forced to quit your job or take a position with lower pay, all while the medical bills stack up.

At Cordisco & Saile, LLC, we don’t think it’s fair that you should pay for someone else’s negligence. Our team of experienced personal injury attorneys in Pennsylvania will fight to help you recover the compensation that is rightfully owed to you. 

What factors determine settlement amounts?

While it’s difficult to estimate an average settlement for a traumatic brain injury, some common factors may affect your case:

  • Injury severity: The more severe the injury, the higher a traumatic brain injury settlement is likely to be. However, even mild traumatic brain injuries can result in long-term symptoms that make it difficult to work or to enjoy life as you once did.  Post-concussion syndrome, for example, can last for years.  
  • Projected medical expenses: The value of a traumatic brain injury case is largely determined by the dollar amount of medical bills and future medical expenses you are expected to need while you receive treatment. This could include hospitalization, therapy, pharmaceuticals, home health expenses, the need to remodel your home to make it handicap accessible, or other long-term living arrangements. Long-term care costs for a traumatic brain injury can cost millions of dollars over a lifetime.
  • Age: Young victims who are expected to require medical support, and therapy, for many more years and the expertise of a child brain injury lawyer often receive higher settlements.
  • Loss of future income: If you can’t work or were forced to take a job with lower pay due to your injuries, you may be compensated for the loss of your earning potential.
  • Pain and suffering: Traumatic brain injury settlements take into account non-economic damages, such as the amount of pain and suffering you have endured. If you have recurring pain and headaches, memory loss, problems concentrating, or cannot enjoy activities you once did, you may be awarded more money.
  • Liability: If you are found to be at least partially at fault for the accident that contributed to your injury, any damages awarded to you may be impacted. Pennsylvania is a modified comparative negligence state, which means that the amount of damages awarded is reduced by an amount equal to your percentage of fault. For example, if you’re awarded $100,000 in damages and are found to be 25 percent at fault for the accident, you would only be eligible to recover $75,000 of the awarded amount.
  • Gross negligence: You may also be awarded punitive damages. This happens when the court determines that the at-fault party wasn’t simply negligent, but that they acted in reckless disregard for your safety.
  • Insurance policy limitations: The settlement amount you receive is limited by the total combined coverage of any insurance policies in the case. Our attorneys can advise you on all of the policies that apply to your situation to ensure that you get the biggest payout possible.

How does Cordisco & Saile, LLC handle brain injury cases?

There are two ways that a brain injury lawsuit can end. The insurance company agrees to a settlement that is in your favor, or we can take the case to trial where it will be decided by a judge or jury. The vast majority of traumatic brain injury cases are settled with the insurance company before they ever reach the courtroom.

Personal injury cases are complicated, and their success depends on the quality of information gathered and the timeline by which it’s done. That’s why hiring a personal injury lawyer with extensive knowledge of how the process works is so important. Here’s what Cordisco & Saile, LLC can do for you:

  1. Help determine damages: We track your existing expenses and hire experts who can estimate your future medical and financial needs. Our team can also calculate any non-economic damages that you are entitled to receive.
  2. Investigate: It’s our job to learn everything we can about how your accident occurred. This may mean bringing in specialists in accident reconstruction, manufacturing liability, and safety. We can determine who holds liability for your case, including vehicle manufacturers, retail businesses, or medical care facilities.
  3. Insurance policy examination: Your insurance policies may help cover some of your expenses. For example, if you have uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage or a personal injury protection policy, you may be eligible for compensation on top of any settlement you receive.
  4. Negotiate: We take care of notifying the insurance company of your upcoming claims, including all of the points of your case and your request for compensation. Our next step is to negotiate until we reach a settlement that is fair and just.
  5. Litigation in court: If we cannot negotiate a fair settlement, we can take your case to trial.

Accepting a Brain Injury Settlement

Insurance companies don’t have your best interest in mind. Their interest is in the bottom dollar, and they will often offer much less than you deserve in the hopes that you will take their first offer. Settling too soon is a mistake since it can take weeks or months to understand the lasting effects of your traumatic brain injury.

Don’t settle for an offer that won’t cover your financial needs over the long term. A study by Northwestern University estimates that the lifetime cost of treatment for a traumatic brain injury is between $85,000 and $3 million. Even though personal injury cases can be long and frustrating at times, it’s in your best interest to hold out for the settlement you deserve.

Why Choose Cordisco & Saile, LLC?

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We are proud to announce the selection of one of our attorneys, Michael Saile, to the Brain Injury Association of America’s (BIAA) Preferred Attorneys Program. This is an exclusive database comprised of expert brain injury lawyers practicing in personal injury. Cordisco & Saile LLC has been selected as a personal injury expert in Pennsylvania.

The lawyers at Cordisco & Saile, LLC have a track record of success with brain injury cases and are dedicated to providing unparalleled support to injury victims and their loved ones. We’re a nationally recognized and award-winning team of attorneys. Our attorneys:

  • Managing Parter Michael Saile is apart of the BIAA’s Preferred Attorney program
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A case that settled for
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