Truck Weight and Accident Risks in Doylestown

Large trucks are essential for the United States economy. However, while their size is necessary for transporting goods and products, the weight of large trucks also makes them very dangerous. Learn more about truck weight and accident risks.

Size of a Large Truck

The federal government sets regulations limiting the size of commercial vehicles, large trucks included. The width limitation is 102.36 inches (2.6 meters). The states set length limitations for large trucks. In Pennsylvania, the grandfathered-in maximum allowable length limit is 53 feet or 16.15 meters.

But the length and width of trucks is just part of what makes them so dangerous; their weight also makes them dangerous. Trucks are organized by weight into classes.

Class one vehicles are those that are 6,000 pounds or less

  • Pickup trucks
  • SUVs
  • Cargo vans

Class eight trucks are the heaviest at 33,001 pounds or more.

  • Cement trucks
  • Tractor-trailers
  • Dump trucks
  • Sleepers

Class five, six, and seven trucks range from 16,001 to 33,000 pounds and include the following.

  • Beverage trucks
  • Rack trucks
  • Bucket trucks
  • Large walk-in trucks
  • City delivery trucks
  • Furniture trucks
  • Other tractor-trailers

Controlling a Large Vehicle

Weight and size make large trucks more difficult to control. Unlike regular passenger cars, large trucks need much more room to be able to stop safely. A large, heavy truck can take twice as long or longer to come to a stop compared to a standard passenger vehicle. Thus, it’s important that truckers avoid tailgating other motorists and that other motorists avoid cutting in front of large trucks.

The weight of large trucks can also make them hard to control in certain situations, such as when changing lanes or making a turn. If weight unexpectedly shifts within the trailer, the risks of the truck experiencing an accident go up; this may especially put the truck at risk for a rollover.

Below are some of the types of accidents in which a truck may be involved and which may be related to weight.

  • Rear-end accidents like an override where the truck rides over a passenger car in front of it. This may be because of the longer braking distance required to stop, especially if the trucker was tailgating the passenger car or if the passenger car cut in front of the large truck.
  • Rollover accident which may be attributable to a trucker taking a turn too fast and losing control of the vehicle. Shifting weight in the trailer could also cause a rollover.
  • Jackknife accidents where the truck’s trailer may swing to the side of the truck, endangering all drivers, passengers, and others on the road. Losing control of the vehicle may lead to a jackknife accident.

A Truck Accident Attorney from Cordisco & Saile Can Fight for Doylestown Victims

A truck accident can be a horrific experience and may leave a victim with permanent injuries or traumatic memories about the accident. An attorney from Cordisco & Saile LLC will help Doylestown victims of truck accidents fight for the compensation which they deserve. This might include compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

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