Where to Find Recalls for Your Vehicle

Riding a motorcycle comes with its own risks. So the last thing a rider needs is something going wrong with a part. Defects in safety-related equipment could lead to a recall. Knowing where to find recall information is important for every motorcyclist because everyone is affected by auto recalls. Read on see where to find recalls for your vehicle.

Locating Recall Information on Motorcycles/Parts

The main source for getting recall information is from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). This information can be obtained directly from their website, or consumers can sign up to receive email alerts on recalls, both motorcycle and auto recalls. You also can learn where to find recalls for your vehicle by following NHTSA on Twitter and Facebook.

Eventually consumers will be able to search for recall information using the vehicle identification number (VIN). This makes it much easier (and quicker) not only to find out about motorcycle or auto recalls, but also to learn what needs to be done to have it fixed.

Although some manufacturers are already making this feature available now, by August 2014, all will have to provide this function for recall information. It will also be available on safercar.gov, which is a part of the NHTSA website for motorcycle and auto recalls. Currently, consumers can search for auto recalls by inputting the model year, make and model.

There are other online resources where you can find recalls for your vehicle. Motorcyclist and Motorcycle USA are examples.

Types of Motorcycle Recalls

Defects in a motorcycle can be discovered by the manufacturer (who may voluntarily issue a recall) or NHTSA after receiving complaints (who would then order a recall). Once the defect has been discovered, all motorcycle owners should be made aware and be provided some type of remedy (such as replacing/repurchasing the part/motorcycle or a free repair).

In cases where NHTSA is involved, where to find recalls for your vehicle should ostensibly be out of your hands because NHTSA will contact you directly via mail (as long as your contact information is up to date with the Morrisville government and you have a valid title for your vehicle).

These recalls are based on safety-related defects that could result in an accident and/or injuries. For instance, corrosion in the brake piston could cause power in the front brakes to diminish, increasing the risk of a crash. A defect in the hydraulic clutch system could make it difficult for a rider to stop or slow down. Or the rear brake light switch may fail to work properly, both risk factors for an accident.

Any part of the bike that can cause injury to the rider or has the potential to cause a crash could be subject to a recall. Other examples include defects with the brakes, tires and wheels.

Steps to Take If a Motorcycle or Its Parts Have Been Recalled in Morrisville

The first thing that should be done is to contact the dealership where the motorcycle was purchased. It should have the recall information that shows the problem and the remedy.

If the dealership won’t handle the matter, a call can be made to the manufacturer. They can contact the dealership to make sure the situation is handled correctly. But if there continues to be a problem, consumers should contact NHTSA.

Of course, if someone was injured or killed because of a defect, then it would be important to consult an attorney. It may be possible to file a claim against the manufacturer and other parties. If you can’t seem to figure out where to find recalls for your vehicle, then you can cross-reference what you know with a motorcycle crash lawyer at Cordisco & Saile. Drop us a line using our contact page.