Injured In Fire Or Explosion Lawyer in Bristol

If you’ve been injured in a fire or explosion in Bristol or Bucks County, you understand how devastating, terrifying and life-changing such an event can be. These accidents can result in a range of personal damages to innocent victims, and if a property owner or other responsible party caused the event or was negligent in failing to prevent it, it is possible that a premises liability case is warranted.

If you believe your injuries were preventable, you may want to consider discussing your case with a premises liability attorney right away.

What is premises liability?

When an accident such as a fire or explosion occurs because of a dangerous, damaged or poorly maintained property, premises liability can come into play. Property owners or other entities responsible for the state of a property can be liable for damages incurred by innocent victims in the accident.

For example, in the case of a gas explosion, faulty gas lines may have caused the blast. If those gas lines were in a state of disrepair and the property owner knew of the problem or should have known of it, the property owner could be responsible for injuries sustained in the accident. Any injured parties will likely file premises liability cases against the property owner.

Degree of Injury from a Fire or Explosion in Bristol

Not every case against a property owner involving a fire or explosion involves the same circumstances. Moreover, the degree of harm sustained by the victim can vary greatly. The following types of injuries might lead to a premises liability case.

  • Minor Injuries: Less serious injuries may not cause long-term suffering or loss, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have a premises liability case. Burns of less serious degrees, broken bones, lacerations or other minor injuries can still become viable liability cases. Speak with a premises liability lawyer to determine to which damages you might be entitled as a result of your injuries.
  • Catastrophic Injuries: More serious injuries that cause long-term or permanent disability may require significant compensation to help deal with medical costs, pain and suffering and lost wages. Serious burns, brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries are examples of more serious injuries that would warrant a premises liability case.
  • Wrongful Death: When a loved one is killed unexpectedly and suddenly in a fire or explosion, the degree of suffering for survivors can be extreme. Loss of financial and emotional support, medical bills and funeral costs can make the process of grieving and moving on with daily life seem insurmountable. A premises liability case can help offset costs and allow the surviving family members to rebuild their lives.

Proving Premises Liability for a Fire or Explosion in Bristol

If you are considering filing a premises liability claim against a property owner or other entity for a fire or explosion in which you suffered injury, it is important to understand the elements that you will need to prove in order to successfully close your claim.

  • Property owner negligence: The key element to a successful premises liability case is proving that the property owner or other responsible party caused the situation or failed to remedy hazards. The victim must demonstrate the ways in which the liable party failed to keep the property safe. This could apply to a public building, private resident, apartment building, streets or public transportation vehicles. It is the duty of the responsible party to keep visitors to the property safe from harm.
  • Injured party’s liability: The second element in a premises liability case is that the victim was using the property in a typical and safe manner. A defendant may argue the person was trespassing or that the victim’s unsafe or illegal activity contributed to the fire or explosion.

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