Workplace Injuries Electrical Burns Lawyer in Pennsylvania

Electrical safety measures in the workplace are essential to ensuring that employees are safe from electrical burns. Such burns are possible in most workplaces and are often preventable. With proper training, management and facility maintenance, electrical burn risks should be kept to a minimum for everyone on the job.

If you suffered an electrical burn at work, you may be entitled to compensation for injuries and financial damages. Employers have a legal obligation to keep employees safe from danger while on the job and must follow requirements and guidelines set forth for workplace safety. Employers must retain and keep an active workers’ compensation policy that protects employees in the event of an injury.

You may need to open a workers’ compensation claim to receive benefits after your injury or initiate a private personal injury lawsuit to ensure that you are properly reimbursed for your losses. Consult an attorney who specializes in personal injury cases and workers’ compensation claims to help you navigate the complicated legal process.

What are electrical burns?

Electrical burns are different from other types of burns and can involve some unique concerns and complications. These types of burns occur when a person comes into contact with electrical current, and the physical damage inflicted can vary. The type of current, intensity of current and time in contact with the current are all factors that can affect the severity of electrical burn injuries.  In most cases, the greater the amount of voltage and the longer the time the voltage was sustained in the human body, the more serious the consequences.

Electrical burns can cause serious damage to the skin where the current entered the body and where it exited the body. It also can cause severe tissue degeneration and damage to the nerves and muscles. Internal injuries can occur while the electricity is inside the victim’s body and may not be immediately apparent after the accident. Breathing can be affected by the current within the body.

Serious and life-threatening health conditions can be the outcome of an electrical burn. It is imperative to seek medical attention following such an accident.

Electrical burns are often caused by employees using improperly maintained electrical equipment or improperly using equipment, cutting into live electrical wires, touching electrical switches or sockets when hands are not completely dry or using equipment with faulty wiring.

OSHA and Electrical Burn Safety in the Workplace

It is the employer’s responsibility to eliminate risks such as faulty wiring or equipment in an effort to keep the workplace free from injuries such as electrical burns. The United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) oversees companies' adherence to the guidelines and requirements the agency has established to keep workers safe. If your employer failed to meet OSHA standards, he or she may be responsible for your injuries, as well as in violation of the law.

OSHA dictates that all employees should be educated and trained regarding any workplace hazards, including possible electrical burns. Employees should know how to handle electric equipment and any wiring that they may be exposed to during the course of their workday and should understand what to do in an emergency situation.

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