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Dog Bite Lawyer in Quakertown

If you or your child suffers a dog bite in Quakertown, PA, you likely have the right to pursue compensation for your medical bills and other damages. Dog bite incidences are not uncommon in Quakertown. Under Pennsylvania law, owners are responsible for any damages their dogs cause. This means we may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit and request a payout based on the facts of your case.

The team from Cordisco & Saile LLC offers free case reviews and can help you understand your legal options today. Call our Quakertown law office at 267-440-6526 for your complimentary consultation with a member of our team. We are standing by to take your call today. Let a dog bite lawyer go after the compensation you deserve while you focus on healing from your injuries.

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    We Can Often Recover Ongoing Care Costs for Serious Dog Bite Injuries

    Our Quakertown injury attorneys can handle any dog bite case, no matter how serious the injuries. Every dog bite requires medical cleaning and care due to the high risk of infection. This means even the most minor bites could cost the victim thousands of dollars for an emergency department visit or their doctor monitoring the wound until it heals.

    In more serious cases, hospitalization, surgery, and even future treatments may be necessary. Some potential dog bite injuries include:

    • Deep puncture wounds
    • Torn and missing flesh
    • Ripped muscles, tendons, or ligaments
    • Broken bones
    • Infection
    • Amputation
    • Scarring
    • Emotional and mental damages

    Scarring, especially when on the hands, face, or neck, can require plastic surgery in the future. This may be necessary for both appearance and function. Therapy may be required for emotional damages, while many physical injuries leave the victim with lasting impairments.

    It is possible for us to build a strong case and pursue compensation to cover all these medical care damages, as well as other types of damages. We will need to document your expenses and losses during our investigation and then show the dog’s owner is liable for their animal’s bad behavior.

    Recoverable Damages in a Dog Bite Case in Quakertown, PA

    The damages available in a dog bite case differ somewhat depending on the expenses and losses of the victim. If you required ambulance transport, hospitalization, and surgery, you will naturally have different expenses than someone who visited their family doctor for a minor puncture wound. A dog bite lawyer in Quakertown, PA will build their argument for compensation based on the specific facts of your case, requesting a payout that includes your full range of losses.

    Some potentially recoverable damages in a dog bite case include:

    Medical Care Damages

    • Ambulance transportation
    • Medical care
    • Ongoing care costs
    • Prescription antibiotics, painkillers, and other drugs
    • Future care costs, including plastic surgery

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    Other Economic Damages

    • Lost wages and benefits
    • Diminished earning capacity
    • Replacement of any damaged personal property
    • Out-of-pocket expenses related to the attack

    Non-Economic Damages

    • Pain and suffering
    • Mental anguish

    Wrongful Death Actions

    If your loved one passed away because of injury or infection following a dog bite incident, you might be eligible to pursue additional damages as an immediate family member. A wrongful death claim may allow you to recover your own expenses and losses related to the incident. Call our team today at 267-440-6526 for your free case review.

    Cordisco & Saile LLC Can Pursue Compensation for You After a Bucks County Dog Bite Incident

    If you need a dog bite attorney in Quakertown, PA, Cordisco & Saile LLC is here for you. We will fight to protect your right to pursue compensation and aggressively go after the payout you deserve. We know the tricks insurance companies will use and what it takes to get our clients the payout they deserve in these cases. Let us go to work for you today. You can count on us to:

    • Answer your questions and address your concerns
    • Provide regular updates on the status of your case
    • Manage all communication with the insurance company and other attorneys
    • Identify the potentially liable parties
    • Gather and analyze all available evidence to prove the liable party acted negligently
    • Call in medical experts to explain your injuries and prognosis, and future needs
    • Document your attack-related expenses and losses
    • File a personal injury lawsuit and advocate for your best interests in court

    After we collect evidence and build a strong case for compensation, we can take legal action against the dog’s owner. We will take your case in front of a Judge and argue for the damages you need to cover your expenses and losses. In some cases, we may be able to reach an out-of-court settlement agreement instead.

    Pennsylvania Only Gives Us Two Years to File Suit

    Pennsylvania’s statute of limitations law only gives us two years from the date of an attack to take legal action and try to hold the dog’s owner responsible. If we fail to file a personal injury lawsuit before the second anniversary of the accident, we likely will not be allowed to later. This could mean you lose the right to pursue the damages you deserve in civil court.

    It is important to call us about your Quakertown dog bite case as soon as possible after you suffer injuries. Letting a dog bite lawyer in Quakertown, PA go to work on your case in the first days and weeks after your injury means we can talk to witnesses while it is still fresh in their minds and we can recover evidence before it disappears. Security camera footage of the attack, for example, is often impossible to obtain if we wait months or longer.

    Talk to a Dog Bite Lawyer in Quakertown, PA

    The attorneys from Cordisco & Saile LLC can help you pursue damages after a dog bite incident in Quakertown or elsewhere in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. We offer free case evaluations and can take legal action on your behalf. Let us review your case and explain your options.

    Call us today at 267-440-6526 to get started. A member of our team is standing by now to take your call.

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