Accident Injuries & Family Doctors

If you were involved in a Bucks County auto accident and think you may be injured, make an appointment with your family doctor, recommends Bucks County personal injury lawyer Michael L. Saile, Jr. Whether you did or did not go to the hospital on the day of your accident, an evaluation of your injuries by your family doctor is an important part of both the healing process and the injury claim process.


Why See Your Family Doctor?


Visiting a family doctor is like visiting an old friend. You can depend on your doctor to be honest about the extent of your injuries and the best way to recover. Your doctor also has knowledge of your medical history, which is an important element of your injury case. If your family doctor can attest that you had no problems prior to your car accident injury, an insurance company will have proof that you had no pre-existing conditions upon which they can dismiss your Pennsylvania or New Jersey injury claim. Your doctor can provide the necessary medical documentation requested by the insurance company to verify your physical symptoms and pain complaints following your accident, the prescribed course of treatment, prescribed diagnostic testing, and/or referrals to specialists.  


Be Prepared for Your Initial Post-Accident Appointment


  • Ask your doctor if he/she treats car accident patients and make sure the office will bill your insurance company and communicate with your injury lawyer when/if necessary;
  • Share how the accident happened, what type of accident it was (i.e. rear-end, head-on, etc.), and how you were impacted;
  • Describe in great detail all of the pain you are experiencing and be specific as to where it is (i.e. left leg, right wrist, temple, left side of head, lower back, etc.);
  • Include any details about other changes you have noticed in yourself, such as difficulty sleeping, nightmares, fatigue, mood swings, forgetfulness, etc.; and
  • Disclose any prior accident injuries you may have been sustained and treatment received prior to your being a patient of your current doctor.


If you did go to the hospital immediately following a Philadelphia area auto accident, it is still recommended that you visit your family doctor a few days later. In fact, it is frequently included in hospital discharge instructions to do so.  Though attaining immediate medical attention following a car accident is always a good idea, your family doctor can help you make a plan for recovery that works for you and your lifestyle. Your doctor can also prescribe or suggest a course of medication that will be the most beneficial to you in the long run.


Serious Injuries


But what if your injuries are more severe or too unique to be treated by your family doctor? If you have sustained a severe injury which requires specialized care, or if your accident injury calls for the knowledge of a specialist in the Philadelphia area, your family doctor can guide you. He or she can evaluate the extent and type of your injury and can refer you to the appropriate type of specialist, be it an orthopedist, a physical therapist, or a neurologist.

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