Car Accident Pelvic Fractures

High-impact, high-energy forces, such as those present in Philadelphia area car accidents, are the leading cause of pelvis fractures. A broken pelvis is quite a serious injury, and is very dangerous to the victim if not treated right away. Bucks County personal injury attorney Michael L. Saile, Jr. discusses the necessity and types of treatment for pelvic fractures.


About Pelvic Injuries

The pelvis is made up of three different bones called the ilium, ischium, and pubis. They connect to the sacrum, a large bone at the base of the spine, to form a very strong ring of protective bones. The pelvic bones provide protection to several digestive and reproductive organs that reside in that area, as well as many large nerves and blood vessels on their way to the legs. If the pelvis is injured in a Bucks County area car accident, it is very likely that those vital organs will also be injured. A pelvic fracture may be severe enough to lead to the internal bleeding of major blood vessels and arteries. These serious pelvic injuries require immediate medical attention.


Treatment for Pelvic Injuries

The treatments for pelvic fractures sustained in Philadelphia area car accidents are not very numerous. Since pelvic injuries are so often serious and dangerous, emergency surgery may be the only option available to car accident victims. To definitively diagnose a pelvic injury as a pelvic fracture, your doctor will most likely perform an x-ray as well as a CT scan. If a serious pelvic fracture is confirmed, an external fixator may be utilized to stabilize the pelvic bones with screws. The doctor or surgeon can then assess any internal injuries or bleeding and perform any necessary surgery. In terms of healing time, pelvis fractures from car accidents may take months or years to heal completely, and pelvic pain will most likely remain for some time as the pelvic muscles heal. In some cases, auto accident victims may be left with chronic pain.



How to be Compensated for your Injuries

If you or someone you love suffered a pelvic fracture due in a PA or NJ car accident, contact the experienced personal injury lawyers at Cordisco & Saile LLC for answers to your questions. You should not be left with chronic pain and unfair compensation. Contact the lower Bucks County law office to schedule a FREE consultation. For more information now, download a FREE copy of our PA Car Accident Book.